Akatsuki Denkou Senki

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Akatsuki Blitzkampf Ausf Achse NAOMI JP Titlescreen.png
Akatsuki Denkou Senki
Publisher: Subtle Style
System(s): Sega NAOMI
Genre: Fighting

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
2008-02-28 ¥? 841-0058C

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Akatsuki Denkou Senki (アカツキ電光戦記), also known as Akatsuki Blitzkampf Ausf.Achse, is an alternate reality World War II themed fighting game released for Sega NAOMI arcade hardware in 2008. It was based on a successful dōjin fighter originally released on Windows PC in 2007 which was praised for its high resolution sprites, its unique art style, and its old school gameplay.

It is commonly misunderstood that the subtitle is a misspelling of the German phrase "Auf Achse," meaning "on tour" or "on the road". However, the term "Ausf." is short for "Ausführung", meaning "option model" or "version". Therefore, "Ausf. Achse" literally means "option model with axle(s)" or "mobile version". It should also be noted that "Achse" is phonetically equivalent to "axis", so a very probable translation is "Akatsuki Flash Fight Axis Edition".

As a WWII themed beat-em-up, it has garnered the unfortunate nickname "Jewpuncher", although no such activities occur in the game.

Physical scans

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