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Fast facts on CSK
Founded: 1968-10
Merged into: SCSK (2011-10)
Headquarters: Japan

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CSK, whose abbreviation has varied in meaning over the years, was a Japanese business services conglomerate.

They were the parent company of Sega from 1984 through 2004. They also operated a middleware/software development division of their own, CSK Research Institute (better known as CRI). In 1995, they established one of Sega's North American divisions called SegaSoft, and in the late 1990s operated GD-NET, a publishing partnership between several game developers (ESP, Quintet, possibly Sting, possibly Game Arts, possibly Treasure, etc.).

In 2011, they merged with Sumisho Computer Systems, with Sumisho taking full control. The merged company continues to operate as SCSK.

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