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Thunderground, loosely based on the VIC Dual game Borderline was an Atari 2600 exclusive developed by Sega.

The Atari 2600 was a very successful video game console in the North American market, and like many other companies, Sega did not back away from releasing games for the system. During the early 1980s Sega brought the console several arcade ports from their VIC Dual, Sega G80 and VCO Object libraries.

As the Atari 2600 is a very simplistic console, many of these ports were severely watered down, but in some cases were still reasonably successful. Many publishers re-released Sega's games, far more than in later generations, so there were many slightly different versions on the market. Some games were even released on cassette tape, which is unusal for a video game console.

Sega abandoned the Atari 2600 shortly after the video game crash and concentrated more on their arcade division. They would later re-emerge in the west with the Sega Master System.


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