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Fast facts on Sega AM4
Founded: 1991
Defunct: 1999
Merged into: Sega Mechatronics (1999)
Headquarters: Japan

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Sega Amusement Machine Research and Development Department #4, commonly known as Sega AM R&D #4 or Sega AM4, was a research and development division within Sega. The AM4 name was adopted in 1990 after the internal AM and CS teams were separated. It was previously known as R&D4.

Unlike Sega AM1, Sega AM2 and Sega AM3, Sega AM4 was responsible for the creation of arcade cabinets, and thus outside of an advisory role, had no influence in the development of video games. However with machines like the UFO Catcher and other mechanical engineering archievments it gained noteriety on it's own as well.

AM4 produced the vast majority of Sega arcade machines of the 1990s. AM4 credits remain inconsistent however, with it sometimes being credited and other times not[1].

AM4 continued its role as Sega Mechatronics from 1999.

Softography (arcade)

World Derby BD

Royal Ascot BD

Western Dream BD

X Board

Bingo Party BD/M1

Castle Coaster BD


C-GAL/Sega Titan Video


Dream Catcher BD



Sega System C

Sega System 16B

Y Board

Sega Titan Video

Sega H1 Board


Multi-purpose arcade cabinets


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