Sega Arcade Games Not On Sega Hardware

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Sega has rarely made arcade games that do not run on hardware they had a hand in designing.

Note: this list might be incomplete
Year Name Developer Hardware
1982 Ali Baba and 40 Thieves Pac-Man hardware
1983 Commando Rally X hardware
1983 Hopper Robo Orca Marine Boy hardware
1983 Yamato Nichibutsu Crazy Climber hardware
1985 Repulse developed by Crux; distributed by Sega Kyugo arcade hardware
1985 Flashgal Kyugo arcade hardware
1986 Legend Coreland? Kyugo arcade hardware
1988 Tetris Taito B-System (conversion kits for Nastar and Master of Weapon; Japan only)
1988 Tetris Taito H-System (Japan only)
2001 Vampire Night contracted to WOW Entertainment by Namco Namco System 246

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