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Feel the Magic: XY/XX
Publisher: Sega
System(s): Nintendo DS
Genre: Action

Release Date RRP Code
Nintendo DS
¥4,800 (5,040) NTR-APRJ-JPN
Nintendo DS
JP (Happy Price)
¥2,000 (2,100) NTR-APRJ-JPN-1
Nintendo DS
$29.95[1] NTR-APRE-USA
Nintendo DS
Nintendo DS
Nintendo DS
Nintendo DS
Nintendo DS
$? ?

Feel the Magic: XY/XX, known in Japan as Kimi no Tame nara Shineru (きみのためなら死ねる, lit. "I Would Die for You") and in Europe and Australia as Project Rub is a minigame video game compilation developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega for the Nintendo DS handheld game console. It was first released in North America (2 days before the system came out in that region), and was later released in Japan, Australia, and Europe as a launch title of the system.

Feel the Magic: XY/XX was originally announced at E3 2004 under its code name, "Project Rub". Then-executive managing director Yuji Naka said the title would place "an emphasis on controls using a Touch Screen, which will allow us to achieved the concept of 'rubbing,' a unique and fun gameplay mechanic made possible by the DS. We will investigate a wide-range of gaming elements unique to DS, so look forward to future SEGA titles."

It follows the attempts of a young male protagonist to impress a young woman, aided by a group of people known as the "Rub Rabbits" into completing a series of minigames related to the plot. These minigames are all controlled by the touch screen and microphone, and often involve tapping, scribbling, and blowing into the microphone. On February 2, 2006, the game won the "Best Concept" award at the 2006 Imagina Games Awards.

A sequel, The Rub Rabbits!, was released a year later.


In-game warning.
Feel the Magic
is played solely with the stylus and microphone. The graphics are simple and stylized, having a 70s look to them. There are three main modes of play. 'Story' mode where the player plays the game out trying to impress the girl. 'Memories' is a mode where one can play any of the previous minigames one has beaten. A third mode called 'Maniac'. This is where the player gets to take all the article of clothing one earns during the game to dress up the main girl of the game. There is no real point to this, but it is fun. One can poke the girl and she reacts in funny ways.

The Minigames

  • Bonfire: The goal is to undress the girl, because her clothes are wet. One times the cursor to unbutton the back of her dress.
  • Dance: A Simon says-style game, where the girl gets the player to repeat her dance steps.
  • Yacht: One of the more unique games using the microphone. One blows a sailboat to rescue the girl, avoiding sharks.
  • Microphone: Another game that uses the microphone. The player shouts and talks to the girl, trying to get her attention. Each level gets harder as a band starts playing that the player has to shout over. This is probably not a good game to play on a bus or airplane.
  • Candle: The player blows into the microphone to blow out the candle.
  • Scorpion: There are scorpions crawling on her back and one has to touch them, and not the girl.
  • Seeker: One has to brush away sand with the stylus. She will show a picture of what she lost (A ring, or seashell, etc.) and one has to find the right one, among similar objects.
  • Goldfish: Push the goldfish out of the man's stomach. Later there are turtles and smaller darting little fish.
  • Parachute: These parachutists jump out of the plane telling the player a number. The player has to enter their number before they land or the chute does not open. They get longer numbers as the level increases.
  • Cart: At the top of the screen the player (a guy in a cart) starts racing down the hill. At the bottom are spiky balls. The object is to sweep them away before he hits one.
  • Painter: The player make his mark for love as he spraypaints hearts and other shapes onto a wall. One has to avoid people jumping in the way.
  • Clean Up: The girl fell into mud. The player has to use the stylus to scrub off all the mud. She blushes by the end of this minigame.
  • Hands: One has to make the stylus stay on her hand as she is walking. Sometimes bees attack, forcing the player to stop holding her hand and kill them.

Production credits

Sega Corporation (Sega of Japan, Inc.)
  • Product Marketing Managers: Hiroyuki Miyazaki, Takeshi Shimizu, Yasushi Yamashita
  • Retale Sales Managers: Tooru Yasuda, Takehiro Yoshida
  • Sales Promotion: Mariko Takeda
  • 'Public Relations Leader Youko Nagasawa
  • Localization Support Representatives at IBPD: Shinobu Shindo, Shiko Sakai, Yukiko Kato
  • Technical Supports: Takashi Shoji, Akihiro Etori
  • CG Team Director: Takeshi Itou
  • CG Team Artist: Tomokazu Takahashi
Sega Logistics Service Co., Ltd
  • Product Managment: Junishi Shimizu
  • Product Supports: Akira Nishikawa, Akira Terasawa
  • Quality Control: Kazuhiko Morii
  • Manual: Yoshihiro Sakuta, Hisakazu Nakagawa, Makoto Nishino, Takashi Nishimura, Masaru Kobayashi
  • Packaging: Yoshihiro Sakuta, Hisakazu Nakagawa, Makoto Nishino, Takashi Nishimura, Masaru Kobayashi
Sega of America, Inc.
  • President/COO: Hide Irie
  • Director of Product Development: Osamu Shibamiya
  • Producer: Klayton Vorlick
  • Project Test Lead: Shawn Dobbins
  • Release Manager: Rick Ribble Jr.
  • VP of Entertainment Marketing: Scott A. Steinberg
  • Product Marketing Manager: Heather Guzenda
  • Public Relations Manager: Bret Blount
  • Associate Public Relations Manager: Ethan Einhorn
  • Senior Media Specialist: Teri A. Higgins
  • Special Thanks: Jeanette Manahan, Bridget Oates, Chris Olson, May Hayes, Jason Kuo
Sega Europe, Ltd.
  • President/COO: Naoya Tsurumi
  • VP - Sales and Marketing: Michael Hayes
  • VP - Product Development: Jin Shimazaki
  • European Marketing Director: Matthew Woodley
  • Head of European Marketing: Gary Knight
  • Localization Producer: Akiko O'Driscoll
  • European Marketing Manager: Helen Nicholas
  • European Product Manager: Mark Fisher
  • German Translator: Daniela Kaynert
  • French Translator: Brigitte Nadesan
  • Spanish Translator: Marta Lois Gonzalez
  • Italian Translator: Giuseppe Rizzo
  • QA Supervisors: Antonella Marras, Sonia Souto, Max Brode
  • Localisation Producer: Kuniyo Matsumoto
  • UK Sales Director: Alan Pritchard
  • Head of Export: Alison Gould
  • Head of Operations: Mark Simmons
  • Software Production Manager: Caroline Searle
  • Creative Services: Tom Bingle, Morgan Gibbons
  • QA Manager: Mark LeBreton
  • QA Supervisors: Darius Sadeghian, Marlon Grant
  • QA Team Lead: Julie Metior
  • Testers: Natalie Holkham, David Jefferson, Craig Metior, Thomas Lee Brown, Stephen Malcolm, Alessandro Irranca, Jean-Baptiste Bagot, Max Brode, Luis J. Paredes
  • Special Thanks To: All Staff Members And Their Families
  • Created by: Sonic Team
  • Presented by: Sega

Magazine articles

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Physical scans

Nintendo DS, US
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Demo Card
Nintendo DS, JP
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Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Nintendo DS
SHA-1 ?
32MB 2004 Cartridge (US)
Nintendo DS
SHA-1 ?
32MB 2004 Cartridge (JP)

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