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Final Fight Revenge
Publisher: Capcom
System(s): Sega Titan Video, Sega Saturn
Sound driver:
Sega Saturn
SCSP/CD-DA (11 tracks)
Peripherals supported:
Sega Saturn
Extended RAM Cartridge(4MB only)
Genre: Fighting

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
1999 ¥?  ?

Sega Saturn
¥5,800 T-1249G
Sega Saturn
JP (RAM Pack)
¥7,800 T-1248G

Final Fight Revenge (ファイナルファイトリベンジ) is a 3D fighting game developed and published by Capcom. It can be seen as a hybrid between the Final Fight beat-'em-up franchise, and the versus fighting nature of Street Fighter II'. It was first released for Sega Titan Video hardware before being ported to the Sega Saturn in the following year. No versions of the game have ever left Japan.

The Saturn version was one of three games released in 2000, and the only one that isn't a compilation.

Production credits

Source: In-game creditsMedia:FinalFightRevenge_Saturn_JP_SSEnding.pdf[1]
  • Artists
    • 3D Characters: Eiko Mori, Jonathan Casco, Ken Toney, Primo Navidad, Roman Pangilinan
    • Backgrounds: Cindy Walker
    • 2D Art/Graphics: Raymond Fung
    • Art Leads: Eiko Mori, Jonathan Casco
    • Art Director: Raymond Fung
  • Programmers: Yoshi Hatano, David Dixon, Paul Taylor, Richard Maurer, John Shen
    • Lead Programmer: Yoshi Hatano
  • Game Designers: Tetsuya Iijima
  • Music & Sound Effects: Jim Wallace
  • Producers: Tetsuya Iijima, Jim Wallace, Mark Rogers
  • Directors: Yoshiki Okamoto, David Siller
  • Voice Actors: Jim Wallace, Lani Minella, Jon St. John, Bill Corkery, Rick Calvert
  • Testers: Russell Young, Gene Sprague
  • Special Thanks: Akiman, Victor Huang, Lance Luu, Lisa Jones, Mikiko Matsumoto, John Kim, Dante Fuget, Adrian Ludley, Ken McAll, Noah Miller, Marshall Rogers, Monte Singman, Gerardo Sprigg

Track list

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2. CD Warning message (00:22)

3. SODOM (02:11)

4. BELGER (02:00)

5. DAMND (02:07)

6. EL GADO (02:03)

7. HUGER (02:01)

8. ROLENTO (01:57)

9. CODY (02:06)

10. GUY (02:05)

11. AMDER (01:57)

12. EDI.E / POISON (02:21)
Running time: 21:10

Magazine articles

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Physical scans

Sega Titan Video version

Saturn version

Sega Retro Average 
Publication Score Source
67 №2000-12, p155Media:DCM_JP_20000407_2000-12.pdf[2]
50 №590, p31
Sega Saturn
Based on
2 reviews

Saturn, JP
FinalFightRevenge Saturn JP Box Back.jpgFinalFightRevenge Saturn JP Box Front.jpg
Saturn, JP (4MB RAM Pack)
FinalFightRevenge Saturn JP Box Back 4MBPack.jpgFinalFightRevenge Saturn JP Box Spine 4MBPack.jpgFinalFightRevenge Saturn JP Box Front 4MB.jpg
FinalFightRevenge Saturn JP Disc 4MBPack.jpg
FinalFightRevenge Saturn JP Box Front 4MB JewelCase.jpg
Jewel Case


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