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Final Zone
Final Zone
Publisher: JP Wolf Team US Renovation

Developer: Wolf Team

System(s): Sega Mega Drive

ROM Size: 512KB

Genre: Shoot-'em-Up (JP box), Action (Sega of Japan master list)

Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive/Genesis JP 1990-10-12 ¥6,800 T-32013
Sega Mega Drive/Genesis US 1990-11 $? T-49026
Sega Mega Drive/Genesis BR 199x R$?  ?

FZ Senki Axis (FZ戦記AXIS), called Final Zone in the US, is a 1990 game by Wolf Team for the Sega Mega Drive and Sharp X68000. Awkwardly it is a sequel to the Japanese-only Final Zone II (itself a sequel to a 1986 game called Final Zone), meaning it is the third in the Final Zone series and the first (and only) Final Zone game to be released in North America.

You are a mech placed in several isometric-projection levels and your goal is to destroy a fixed number of targets without dying once. A shoots your main weapon (with rapidfire), B shoots your sub weapon (with no rapidfire), and C opens a menu where you can select weapons. When firing, you cannot change direction (that is, moving around will not cause you to turn around).

Physical Scans

Sega Mega Drive/Genesis 65 Sega Retro Average
Based on 7 reviews
Publication Score Source
Joystick 68 №11, p120
Mega Drive Advanced Gaming 8 №5, p90
MegaTech 84 №1, p76
Sega Power 60 №23, p52
Sega Pro 84 №1, p37
Sega Pro 75 №18, p64
Sega Force (UK) 73 №10, p62/63File:SegaForce10UK.pdf
Mega Drive, US
FinalZone MD US Box.jpg


FinalZone MD US Cart.jpg
Mega Drive, JP
FinalZone MD JP Box.jpg


FZSenkiAxis MD JP Cart.jpg
Finalzone md jp manual.pdf
Mega Drive, BR
FinalZone MD BR Box.jpg