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Genesis GX main menu.

Genesis Plus GX is a Sega system emulator for the Nintendo Wii developed by Charles MacDonald. The author claims the emulator has accurate emulation and 100% compatibility with Genesis/Mega Drive, Sega/Mega CD, Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear, and SG-1000. It also has preliminary Pico emulation. The emulator was originally based off of Genesis Plus 1.3. For Mega CD games, only ISO + WAV and BIN + CUE formats are supported. ISO + MP3 is not supported.

A GameCube port of the emulator has been developed but lacks some features.

Cheat codes

Several systems supported by this emulator have cheat code support, including Mega CD. Gens Hacking Version is capable of creating Mega CD PAR codes but cannot use them. Using them has no effect in-game. Codes created on Gens Hacking Version can be used in this emulator. Gens/GS is a PC emulator that also supports Mega CD cheat codes, but only for the main 68000 address space.

Emulator features

  • Game Gear has an optional extended screen mode.
  • SD card, USB drive, and DVD support.
  • Save states & cheat files can be autoloaded.
  • Zip folders are supported.
  • The Wiimote can be used in the place of light guns.
  • USB mouses can be used for Sega Mouse emulation.
  • Up to 1000 files in file directories. Using directories is recommended as it improves interface and navigation speed.
  • Game Genie and Pro Action Replay code support. The combined cheat code max is 150. PAR codes that don't use the address and 4 values after that are automatically deleted. Example: FFFEEE:0001 is acceptable. FFFEEE:01 is not.

Controllers & accessories supported

  • 2 button controllers
  • 3 button controllers
  • 6 button controllers
  • Sega Team Player multitap
  • EA 4-Way Play multitap
  • Sega Mouse
  • Sega Paddle Control
  • Terebi Oekaki tablet
  • Sega Sports Pad
  • Sega Light Phaser
  • Sega Menacer
  • Konami Justifier
  • Sega Activator
  • XE-1AP analog controller

Hardware emulation

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