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Gens Version 2.10 Mark 2 running on Windows Vista.

Gens v2.10-mk2 is a modified version of the 2.10 version Gens Sega Mega Drive emulator by Nick'o'DIMM of Shedevr Team. It was found on the forum of a well known cheat hacking site only to nearly disappear into obscurity. It later resurfaced and was used by many cheat code hackers to create original Pro Action Replay codes for the Mega Drive, which at the time was a system barely touched by code hackers.

Sega CD code creation

Gens Hacking Version actually supports PAR code creation but can't use them. If used, the codes will have no effect. However, the codes created can be used on a emulator supporting Sega CD PAR codes. Genesis Plus GX for the Nintendo Wii can use them. Gens/GS is a PC emulator that also supports Mega CD cheat codes, but only for the main 68000 address space.


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File: Gens hacking (462 kB) (info)
Current version: v2.10-mk1 Souvenir (Win32)

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