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World of Illusion Title.png
World of Illusion Starring
Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck
Publisher: Sega
System(s): Sega Mega Drive
ROM size: 1MB
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive
1992-12-18 ¥6,800 G-4080
Sega Mega Drive
1993-03 Media:GamePro US 044.pdf[1] $49.99 Media:GamePro US 044.pdf[1] 1070
Sega Mega Drive
1992-12-19 1070-50
Sega Mega Drive
EU (Classic)
1993 £? 1070-50
Sega Mega Drive
199x £? 1070
Sega Mega Drive
199x $?  ?
Sega Mega Drive
AU (Gold)
199x $? FMIC02SMC
Sega Mega Drive
199x R$?  ?
Sega Mega Drive
199x ₩? GM8074JG
Sega Mega Drive
199x  ? 1070-40

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World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, known as World of Illusion: Fushigi na Magic Box or I Love Mickey and Donald: Fushigi na Magic Box (アイラブミッキー&ドナルド ふしぎなマジックボックス) in Japan, is a "sequel" to Castle of Illusion. It was and was released for the Sega Mega Drive in December 1992.

Both characters have been sucked into a magical world while preparing a magic act, and they must attempt to escape while learning a few magic tricks along the way.


Like its prequel, World of Illusion is a platform game. Player one controls Mickey Mouse, while player two controls Donald Duck, both of whom can be on screen simultaneously. World of Illusion was built primarily for two player co-op, though both Mickey and Donald can be played separately and each have their own slightly different routes through the game. In 2 player mode, some puzzles require cooperative action to be solved, e.g. pulling Donald through a hole, or jumping in tandem to move a mine cart. A charges in combination with directional keys, and is used for cooperative actions, B attacks using a magic sheet and C jumps. Down+C enters a crawl which lasts until C is released.

The ability to jump on certain enemies and throw objects is not carried through from Castle of Illusion, although several similar level themes are explored across the five rounds. Likewise there is virtually no connection to the Sega Game Gear titles Land of Illusion and Legend of Illusion which emerged in the years which followed, although all feature Mickey Mouse running and jumping in similar worlds.



World of Illusion was developed by the newly named Illusion Shot Pictures, who had previously produced Quackshot and Castle of Illusion.

Production credits

Game Designer and Director: Emirin
Game Designer: Yagami
Art Director: Thomas Yuuda
Artist: 7LY.Big.King, Tamun, Manabu, Mikarin, Rice, Noburin, Thomas Yuuda
Programmer: Manuu, Mui, Ryuu, Kenken, Fu
Sound Composer: Lotty, Maguro
Special Thanks to: Bert, Rei, Jackson Yu
Walt Disney's Producer: Patrick Gilmore
Main Programmer and Producer: Satman

Promotional material

Physical scans

Sega Retro Average 
Publication Score Source
92 №1/93, p131Media:ASM DE 1993-01.pdf[2]Media:ASM DE 1993-01.pdf
95 №15, p84-87
85 №18, p36
90 №210
99 №3, p10/16/17
80 №14
95 №44, p38/39Media:GamePro US 044.pdf[4]Media:GamePro US 044.pdf
95 №14, p42-45
96 №33, p192
86 №6, p21
82 №3, p48-50Media:Mega UK 03.pdf[5]Media:Mega UK 03.pdf
92 №1, p65
94 №12, p28-32
90 №17, p40
91 №3, p110-113Media:MeanMachinesSega03UK.pdf[6]Media:MeanMachinesSega03UK.pdf
96 №26, p52-55Media:PlayerOne FR 026.pdf[7]Media:PlayerOne FR 026.pdf
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89 №18, p68
80 №2/93, p14/15Media:SegaForce SE 1993 02.pdf[10]Media:SegaForce SE 1993 02.pdf
95 №13, p16-18Media:SegaForce UK 13.pdf[11]Media:SegaForce UK 13.pdf
90 №4, p36/37
82 №1/93, p46/47Media:VideoGames DE 1993-01.pdf[12]Media:VideoGames DE 1993-01.pdf
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29 reviews

Mega Drive, US
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World Of Illusion MD US Manual.pdf
Mega Drive, US (cardboard)

WoI MD US Cart Alt.jpg
Mega Drive, EU
WIMMDD MD EU Cover.jpg
Mega Drive, EU
(Classic Mega Drive)
WIMMDD md eu 1993cover.jpg
Mega Drive, JP
WIMMDD jp cover.jpg
WorldofIllusion MD JP CartTop.jpg
Worldofillusion md jp manual.pdf
Mega Drive, AU

Mega Drive, AU
(Sega Gold Collection)
WoI MD AU Box Gold.jpg
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Worldofillusion md br manual.pdf
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Mega Drive, Asia
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