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Robocod Title.png
James Pond II: Codename RoboCod
Publisher: Sega Mega Drive Millennium Interactive, Electronic Arts (US/EU), Electronic Arts Victor (JP), Sega Master System Sega Game Gear U.S. Gold
System(s): Sega Mega Drive, Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear
ROM size: Sega Mega Drive Sega Master System Sega Game Gear 512kB
Sound driver: Electronic Arts/Rob Hubbard
Genre: Action

Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive JP 1993-06-09 ¥6,900 EM20015
Sega Mega Drive US 1991-08-18 $? 708701
Sega Mega Drive EU 1991-12 £34.99 [1]Media:ACE UK 53.pdf E199SMXI
Sega Mega Drive EU (Classics) 1994 £? EAX02401041I
Sega Mega Drive AU 199x $?  ?
Sega Mega Drive BR 199x R$?  ?
Sega Mega Drive KR 1993 ₩? GM4104JT
Sega Master System EU 1993 £? 29013-50
Sega Master System EU (Kixx) 199x £? 29013-50
Sega Master System AU 199x $? FROB00SEC
Sega Master System BR 1996-11 $? 028580
Sega Game Gear US 1993 $? T-79068
Sega Game Gear EU 1993 £? 79068
Sega Game Gear EU (Kixx) 199x £? 79068-50

James Pond II: Codename RoboCod (ジェームスポンドII コードネーム・ロボコッド) (also known as Super James Pond or Super James Pond II) is a platforming sequel to James Pond. It was released on a variety of platforms, including the Sega Mega Drive in 1991 (and the only Mega Drive entry in the series released in Japan) and the Sega Game Gear and Sega Master System in 1993. The game has numerous parodies to the film RoboCop, including a similar theme song.

Gameplay differs heavily from the original. This game is a conventional platformer, with James Pond moving on land and jumping without the aid or need for water. There are no missions; instead, Pond must find an exit sign in each level (accessible through doors into a building in the overworld). B jumps. Holding A or C causes Pond to stretch his body up until he is blocked by some overhead item; letting go lowers his body back to normal. Down crouches.

James Pond II was re-released in Europe as part of the EA Classics range, however curiously shipped with a redesigned cartridge label giving the game a North American ESRB rating (of Kids-to-Adults). This redesigned cartridge is not thought to have been officially released in North America, however.

Production Credits

Original Game Design: Chris Sorrell
Graphics: Chris Sorrell
Coding: Chris Sorrell
Course Director: Steve Bak
Additional Graphics: Leavon Archer
Sega Programming: Simeon Pashley
Original Music and Sound Effects: Richard Joseph
Music and Sound Effects Translation: Rob Hubbard
Producer: Christopher Erhardt
Associate Producer: Roland Kippenhan III
Product Management: Lesley Mansford
Art Direction: Nancy L. Fong
Package Illustration: Mark Erickson
Documentation: Andrea Smith
Documentation Layout: Jennie Maruyama
Testing: Steve Matulac
Quality Assurance: Bill Romer

Promotional Material

Physical Scans

Mega Drive Version

Sega Mega Drive 89 Sega Retro Average 
Based on 19 reviews
Publication Score Source
ACE 94 №53, p78Media:ACE UK 53.pdf
ASM ­† 83
Computer & Video Games 91 №123, p46/47
Games-X 100 №36
Game Zone 92 №2, p22/23/24
Hobby Consolas 95
Joystick 91 №23, p130
Mega Drive Advanced Gaming 87 №2, p78
Mega 80 №6, p77
Mega Action 92 №1, p65
MegaTech 83 №1, p46/47/48Media:Megatech UK 01.pdf
Mean Machines 95 №15, p56-58Media:MeanMachines UK 15.pdf
Player One 89 №16, p52/53
Power Play 72
Sega Power 90 №26, p26/27
Sega Pro 95 №2, p28/29/30Media:Segapro UK 02.pdf
Sega Pro 91 №15, p71
Sega Pro 90 №18, p66
Sega Force (UK) 86 №1, p56/57Media:SegaForce01UK.pdf
Mega Drive, US
JP2 MD US Box.jpg
RoboCod MD US Cart.jpg
Mega Drive, EU
James Pond 2 MD EU Box.jpg
RoboCod MD US Cart.jpg
James Pond 2 MD EU Manual.jpg
Mega Drive, EU (EA Classics)
James Pond 2 MD EU Classic.jpg
JamesPondII MD EU Cart EAClassics.jpg
Mega Drive, JP
James Pond 2 MD JP Box.jpg
JamesPond2 MD JP CartTop.jpg
JamesPond2 MD JP Cart.jpg
JamesPond2 MD JP Cover2.jpg
Mega Drive, BR
JamesPondII MD BR Box.jpg
Mega Drive, KR
James Pond 2 MD KR Box.jpg

Master System Version

Sega Master System 91 Sega Retro Average 
Based on 9 reviews
Publication Score Source
Consoles + 91 №25, p170
Joypad 92 №24, p78
Mega Force 89
Player One 89 №36, p140
Sega Power 83 №47, p64/65
Sega Pro 92 №23, p76/77
Sega Force Mega 93 №7, p62/63Media:SegaForceMega07.pdf
Sega Force (Sweden) 93
Sega Master Force 93 №4, p18-21Media:SegaMasterForce04.pdf
Master System, EU
James Pond 2 SMS EU Box.jpg
RoboCod SMS EU Cart.jpg
Master System, EU (Kixx)
James Pond 2 SMS EU Box Kixx.jpg
RoboCod SMS EU Cart.jpg
Master System, AU
JamesPondII SMS AU cover.jpg
Master System, BR
James Pond 2 SMS BR Box.jpg
RoboCod SMS BR Cart.jpg

Game Gear Version

Sega Game Gear 82 Sega Retro Average 
Based on 5 reviews
Publication Score Source
Computer & Video Games 94 №143, pGo!6/7
Game Players 45
Joypad 90 №25, p88
Mega Force 89
Sega Pro 90 №24, p61
Game Gear, US
JamesPond2 GG US Box Back.jpgNospine.pngJamesPond2 GG US Box Front.jpg
James Pond 2 GG US Cart.jpg
JamesPondII gg us manual.pdf
Game Gear, EU
JamesPond2 GG EU Box Back.jpgNospine.pngJamesPond2 GG EU Box Front.jpg
James Pond 2 GG EU cart.jpg
Game Gear, EU (Kixx)
JamesPond2 GG EU Box Front Kixx.jpg
James Pond 2 GG EU cart.jpg