Jungle Park: Saturn Jima

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JunglePark Saturn JP SStitle.png
Jungle Park: Saturn Jima
Publisher: BMG Japan

Developer: Digitalogue, Saru Brunei, Digitalware, BMG Japan

System(s): Sega Saturn

ROM Size: 236MB

Genre: Adventure

Number of Players: 1

Release Date RRP Code
Sega Saturn JP 1998-01-15 ¥4,800 T-18008G
Sega Saturn JP (Gentei Special Package-ban) 1998-01-15 ¥5,800 T-18009G

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Jungle Park: Saturn Jima (ジャングルパーク ~サターン島~) is an adventure game for the Sega Saturn.

Physical Scans

Saturn, JP
JunglePark Saturn JP Box Back.jpgJunglePark Saturn JP Box Front.jpg
JunglePark Saturn JP Spinecard.jpg
Saturn, JP
Gentei Special Package-ban
JunglePark Saturn JP Box Back GSP.jpgJunglePark Saturn JP Box Front GSP.jpg
JunglePark Saturn JP Spinecard Genteiban.jpg