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Kega (2002) is the first emulator in the Kega-series by Steve Snake. It runs only on Windows systems and Linux using Wine or Cedega.

After a long break from the emulation scene, which lasted for 1998-2002, Steve released Kega, which is an all new Windows/DirectX based emulator. It included many new features, such as Sega Master System and Mega CD emulation. To run full speed, it required at least a 500 MHz Celeron or Pentium II based computer. It followed the release of the very popular Gens, another Windows based Mega Drive emulator with excellent speed and compatibility released by Stef D in 1999.


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File: (187 kB) (info)
Current version: 0.04b

Prior releases

  • Kega versions 0.00 to 0.04 (info) (288 kB)
    • Kega 0.00 (2002/01/12)
    • Kega 0.01 (2002/01/17)
    • Kega 0.02 (2002/01/22)
    • Kega 0.03 (2002/02/23)
    • Kega 0.04 (2002/03/17)