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Lock-On (ロックオン) (originally titled Virtual Shooting Lock-On (バーチャルシューティング・ロックオン) in Japan before the name was shortened) is a simple laser tag game originally released by Sega in 1992.

Lock-On exists in a variety of forms. For most of the world, Lock-On existed solely as a simplistic, "fair" game of laser tag - each player is equipped with a sensor (to be strapped to the head) and an infra-red light gun - when hit, a number decreases and the player who sustains the least "damage", wins. Some years later (around 1997) the package was upgraded under the name Lock-On 2, with the guns and headsets replaced with less bulky versions, presumably to cut costs. In North America and Europe, distribution was handled by Bandai.

In Japan, the game was made more elaborate with the introduction of the Lock-On Bazooka (ロックオン バズーカ), and then the Voice Lock-On (ボイスロックオン) in 1997. Here Lock-On sets are grey/black as opposed to the standard blue used everywhere else.


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Physical scans

Lock-On, US/EU
SegaLockOn EU Box Front.jpg
Lock-On 2, US/EU
LockOn2 Toy EU Box Front.jpg
Manual Sega Lock-On.pdf
Lock-On 2 (X2), US/EU
LockOn2 USEU Box Back X2.jpgNospine-small.pngLockOn2 USEU Box Front X2.jpg
Manual Sega Lock-On.pdf
Lock-On, JP

LockOn Toy JP Box Back.jpg

Lock-On, JP (Bazooka)
LockOnBazooka Toy JP Box Back.jpgNospine-small.pngLockOnBazooka Toy JP Box Front.jpg
Lock-On 2, JP
LockOn2 JP Box Back.jpgNospine-small.pngLockOn2 JP Box Front.jpg
Lock-On 2, JP (Voice)
VoiceLockOn Toy JP Box Front.jpg