Lode Runner

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Lode Runner
Lode Runner
Publisher: Sega

Developer: Compile

System(s): SG-1000

ROM Size: 32kB

Genre: Action

Number of Players: 1

Release Date RRP Code
SG-1000 JP 1984 ¥3,800 G-1031
SG-1000 EU 1984 £?  ?
SG-1000 AU 1984-11 $ G-1031
SG-1000 NZ 1985-01 $?  ?
SG-1000 TW 198x NT$?  ?

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Lode Runner (ロードランナー) is a puzzle/action game originally developed by Douglas E. Smith and published by Brøderbund Software in 1983. It made its way to many home computers and video games consoles of the day including the SG-1000. Like the NES port, this version only has 50 levels instead of 150 in the original Apple II version, but is much faster.

Physical Scans

SG-1000, EU
LodeRunner SG1000 EU Box Back.jpgLodeRunner-SG-EU-Side.jpgLodeRunner SG1000 EU Box Front.jpg
SG-1000, JP (Type B)
LodeRunner SG1000 JP Box B Back.jpgNospine.pngLodeRunner SG1000 JP Box B Front.jpg
LodeRunner SG1000 JP Cart B.jpg
SG-1000, JP (Type C)
LodeRunner SG1000 JP Box C Front.jpg
SG-1000, AU

SG-1000, NZ

SG-1000, FR
LodeRunner SG1000 FR Box Back.jpgNospine.pngLodeRunner SG1000 FR Box Front.jpg
SG-1000, TW

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