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Night Trap
Sega Mega-CD
Sega Mega-CD 32X
Digital Pictures
System(s): Sega Mega-CD, Sega Mega-CD 32X
Genre: Adventure

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega-CD
¥8,800 G-6025
Sega Mega-CD
$49.99[1] 4903
Sega Mega-CD
US (Rerelease)
$? T-162105
Sega Mega-CD
£49.99[3] 4903
Sega Mega-CD
?F 4903-09
Sega Mega-CD
? ?
Sega Mega-CD
R$? 063000

Sega Mega-CD 32X
1994 $? T-16202F
Sega Mega-CD 32X
1994 £? T-16202F-50

Night Trap (ナイトトラップ) is a full motion video game released by Digital Pictures for the Sega Mega-CD.


After five teenage girls go mysteriously missing at a sleepover at Mr. and Mrs. Martin's house, the "Sega Control Attack Team" (SCAT, although later referred to as "Special Control Attack Team") arrive to find out what happened. As a new wave of girls enter the house for a sleepover (one being undercover SCAT agent, Kelly (Keli Medd in the manual)), the player ("control") is tasked with monitoring each of the eight rooms and trapping "Augers", vamperic beings which prey on women's blood.

The traps are protected with access codes which can be changed by any of the people inside the house, forcing the player to listen in to conversations. Likewise, trapping the wrong people will result in a game over.

A switches between selected rooms, B triggers a trap (when the indicated sensor bar suggests something is within range) and C changes the colour of the access code (between blue, red, green, orange, purple and yellow). Start shows the layout of the house.

Night Trap consists entirely of full motion videos, meaning for the most part, gameplay is restricted to moving between rooms and pressing buttons. As the footage is always played in a certain order, this also means the same tactics can be applied in every playthrough. After about 25 minutes the game ends (although more than 90 minutes of footage exists across the two CD-ROMs).

There are 95 enemies in total to capture.



Night Trap was initially produced for the Control-Vision (codenamed NEMO), an unreleased console by Hasbro which relied on VHS tapes instead of ROM cartridges. Hasbro abandoned the console fearing its high retail price, and sold the rights to the game to Digital Pictures in 1991, which set about producing a Mega-CD version. The footage was originally recorded during a three-week period in 1987 in Culver City, California, under the working title of Scene of the Crime. The game reportedly cost $1.5 million to produce.

Digital Pictures shot extra footage for the introduction sequence, wherein references to Sega products are made (and which were removed in later non-Sega releases for obvious reasons).

As with Sewer Shark and later Prize Fighter, Night Trap uses a system in which four video streams are streamed off a disc at any one time, allowing for transitions between choices without the need for intrusive disc access times. This is achieved through a proprietary video codec developed by Digital Pictures, although a side effect is noticeably low resolution footage (in addition to the already present colour loss).

Footage of Tom Zito demonstrating early Scene of the Crime footage to Hasbro executives in December 1986 was included as a hidden bonus in the Mega-CD version of the game.


Night Trap stands as one of the most controversial video games of all time, with its existence, alongside Mortal Kombat, Doom and Lethal Enforcers, eventually leading to the creation of the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) in North America to regulate video games for the general public.

However, while the aforementioned games earned their status through their presentation of graphic violence (and in Lethal Enforcers's case, shipping with a physical gun), Night Trap lacks violent content, with Augers simply being pushed or dropped into holes in the walls or floors of the house. In many cases, blood is not extracted by biting as is common with vampires, but is instead extracted with a machine, designed specifically to look unrealistic and mitigate possible controversy.

Likewise it was misconstrued for having sexual content, as in many scenes partially dressed girls are chased by Augers around the house. However, no nudity of any kind is shown at any point. Lisa's death, which occurs in a bathroom while wearing a nightgown is an often cited scene, but like all deaths in Night Trap, features no physical violence or nudity, just the screaming girl being led out of the room. Likewise the player is not directly responsible for any deaths, though can choose to drop Kelly down a hole at the end of the game.

Night Trap was the first game to be given an MA-17 rating by Sega's Videogame Rating Council[6], although it is not thought any versions of the game were explicitly labeled as such. Some retailers chose to add their own notices for "violent" content, or indeed not stock the game at all due to the controversy.

Due to the problems Night Trap and violent video game content was causing in the US, Sega of America temporarily banned sales of the game in January 1994[7]. When the product re-emerged in 1995 (with an ESRB "M" rating), it was given new cover art (which would be retained in other releases of the game), as the original, depicting a blonde-haired woman in a bikini, was also proving controversial for retailers. The game itself was not changed.

Press coverage of Night Trap is said to have led to a greater interest in the game than was otherwise expected, leading to increased sales and numerous other FMV games being released for the next few years.

To mitigate controversy in the UK, Sega voluntarily referred Night Trap to the British Board of Film Classification, where it received a 15[8]. This did not stop complaints, such as mother of three Jacqueline Nicholls organising a protest after her 9, 11 and 12-year old children witnessed scenes of the game on a shopping trip[9]. Her local MP Tony Marlow subsequently wrote to the Home Secretary and Trading Standards[9], although no further action is believed to have been taken.

The game was completely banned from sale in Germany[10].


Despite the controversy caused by its existence, sales of Night Trap were strong enough for Digital Pictures to port the game to other systems, starting with the 3DO in late 1993 before releasing versions for IBM PC and Macintosh computers in 1994. It was also released as one of six Mega-CD 32X games.

Production Credits

Mega-CD version

Source: In-game credits
  • Cast:
    • Kelly: Dana Plato
    • Cindy: Tracy Matheson
    • Lisa: Debra Parks
    • Ashley: Alison Rhea
    • Megan: Christy Ford
    • Danny: Josh Goddard
    • Victor Martin: Jon R. Kamal
    • Sheila Martin: Molly Starr
    • Sarah Martin: Suzy Cote
    • Jeff Martin: Andras Jones
    • Tony: Giovanni Lemm
    • Eddie: William Bertrand
  • SCAT Team:
    • Lt. Simms: J. Bill Jones
    • Collins: Arthur Burghardt
    • Swanson: Heidi Von Brecht
    • Jason: Deke Anderson
    • Mike: Blake Gibbons
    • Jim: Roy Einstein
  • Line Producer: Donald Klune
  • Associate Producer: Jerrum Schwarz
  • Director of Photography: Don Burgess
  • First Assistant Camera: Josh Bleibtreu
  • Second Assistant Camera: Jackie Compton
  • Gaffer: Tom Termeer
  • Stunt Coordinator: Brad Bovee
  • Stunts: Annie Allman, Christine Baur, Bobby Burns, Robin Cook, Danny Costa, Charles Croughwell, Patricia Gleason, Karisa Plehn, David Rowden, Michelle St. Germaine, Ben Scott, John Clay-Scott, Dane Selznick, Lincoln Simonds, Greg Smrz
  • Best Boy: Philip Tuck
  • Electricians: Dante Cordone, John Maninger
  • Key Grip: Jamie Young
  • Best Boy Grip: Tony Noko
  • Grip: Jim Moriarty
  • Script Supervisors: Nancy Friedman, Kathy Lubinsky
  • Sound Mixer: Jim Tanenbaum
  • Boom Operator: Ken Beauchene
  • Costume Design: Dona Granata
  • Costumer: Susan Kaufmann
  • Makeup/Hair: Annie Mayo, Bob Smith
  • Production Designer: Roger Collins
  • Art Director: Mike Caldwell
  • Standy Labor: Jesse Williams
  • Property Master: Guy Bushman
  • Transportation Captain: Dale Dodds
  • Production Coordinator: Sheila Warner
  • Production Assistants: Laura Namerow, Caylah Eddleblute
  • Craft Services: David Cranney
  • Still Photographer: Ed Fortson
  • Production Accountants: Donna Williams, Anne Flautt Read
  • Montage Editors: Warren Nelson, Steve Tomich, Rob Anderson
  • Online Editor: Miodrag Certic
  • Assistant Editors: Ron Atik, Jeff Belton, John Gula, Rusty Colby, Bart Giovanetti
  • Paintbox/Harry Designer: Scott Williams
  • Film to Tape Colorists: Jim Barret, Bob Campbell
  • Assistant Colorists: Dan McNamara, Jeff Berman
  • Rerecording Engineer: Larry Forkner
  • Prelay: T.C.
  • Music Composed by: Sunny BlueSkyes, Martin Lund
  • Sound Effects: Warren Dewey
Additional Footage
  • Director: Randy Field
  • Line Producer: Jane Hernandez
  • Writer: Barry Oringer
  • Director of Photography: Rick Wise
  • Assistant Camera: Rod Williams
  • Set Design: Josh Koral
  • Gaffer: Peter Thomas
  • Key Grip: Jani Vournas
  • Grips: Chris Thomas, Mark Kohr
  • Sound: Bob Gravenor
  • Editor: Bob Johns
  • Makup/Wardrobe: Nancie Marsalis
  • Makeup Artist: Nellie Muganda
  • Video: George Rosenfeld
  • Production Coordinator: Mandy Landa
  • Production Assistants: Tori Asness, Tiffany Kinney
  • Craft Services: Matt Cheese
  • Product Manager: Jon Correll
  • Testers: Jef Feltman, Mark Lindstrom, Eric Rawlins, Conan Tigard, Stephen Patterson, Gerald J. DeYoung
  • Original Programming: Mark Voorsanger, David Crane
  • Additional Programming: Kenneth Soohoo
  • Tester: Neil Hickey
  • Production Assistant: Dena Maheras
  • V.P. Engineering: Mark Klein
  • Chairman of the Board: Martin Erlichman
  • Legal Counsel:
    • Businesss Affairs: Barry Tyerman, Armstrong & Hirsch
    • Intellectual Property: David Hayes, Fenwick & West
  • Tital Sequence and Credits: Joshua Solomon
  • Director, Computer Graphics: Lode Coen

The events and characters depicted in this photoplay are fictious. Any similarity to actual persons living, dead, or undead, is pureley coincidental.

Ownership of this interactive U-Direct™ motion picture is protected by copyright, trademark, patent and other applicable laws. Any unauthorized duplication, distribution, or exhibition of this interactive U-Direct™ motion picture could result in criminal prosecution as well as civil liability.

Night Trap™ is a trademark of Hasbro, Inc.

U-Direct is a trademark of Digital Pictures, Inc.

Portions © 1992 Sega

© 1992 Digital Pictures, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Japanese version

Source: In-game credits
  • Voices of Characters:
    • Kelly: Kikuko Inoue
    • Cindy: Makoto Tsumura
    • Lisa: Atsuko Tanaka
    • Ashley: Naoko Usagawa
    • Megan: Akemi Okamura
    • Danny: Akira Ishida
    • Victor Martin: Rokuroh Naya
    • Sheila Martin: Kazuko Yanaga
    • Sarah Martin: Fumiko Taneda
    • Jeff Martin: Mitsuaki Madono
    • Tony: Tomohiro Tsuboi
    • Eddie: Mitsuru Ogata
  • SCAT Team:
    • Lt. Simms: Akio Ohtsuka
    • Collins: Yosuke Akimoto
    • Mike: Hideaki Ono
    • Swanson: Naomi Watanabe
    • Jason: Eiji Sekiguchi
  • Voice Actors
    • Actresses Cooperation
    • EZAKI Production
  • Sound Editing Staff
    • Script Translator: Eiko Kamiya
    • Editing Director: Koji Momose
    • Sound Mixer: Hideyasu Iizuka
    • ADR Supervisor: Takayuki Shibazaki
    • Asst. Sound Editor: Mamoru Togashi
    • DAT Operator: Shigeo Kaneshiro
    • Product Manager: Keisuke Yoshida
    • Priduct Coordinator Hiroo Inui
  • All Sound Recorded At:
    • GLOVISION, Inc.

Magazine articles

Main article: Night Trap/Magazine articles.

Promotional material

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<div style="width:Expression error: Unexpected < operator.px; padding-left:2px; padding-top:9px; padding-right:2px;">Print advert in
Next Generation (US) #1: "Premiere Issue 1995" (1994-12-08)
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Mean Machines Sega (UK) #11: "September 1993" (1993-07-30)
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<div style="width:Expression error: Unexpected < operator.px; padding-left:2px; padding-top:9px; padding-right:2px;">Print advert in
Mean Machines Sega (UK) #31: "May 1995" (1995-03-28)
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Mega Force (FR) #32: "Octobre 1994" (1994-xx-xx)
also published in:
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  • CD Consoles (FR) #2: "Décembre 1994" (1994-xx-xx)[12]
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Supergame (BR) #28: "Novembro 1993" (1993-11-xx)

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Mega-CD version

Sega Retro Average 
Publication Score Source
90 №30, p120-122
71 №138, p70/71[4]
60 №Buyer's Guide 1998, p89
69 №3, p11/24
95 №41, p62/63[13]
85 №5, p27[14]
89 №31, p124/125
82 №10, p52-55
85 №7, p40/41
79 №17, p72-75
89 №7, p60-63[15]
86 №40, p100/101[16]
84 №44, p54/55
80 №46, p96[17]
87 №19, p28/29
58 №8, p30/31
84 №18, p64-66[18]
75 №2, p12
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Mega-CD, US (re-release)
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Disc 2
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Mega-CD 32X version

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84 №45, p152
58 №69, p60[19]
20 №5, p91[20]
80 №54, p102
80 №66, p53
59 №54, p29
Sega Mega-CD 32X
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Mega-CD 32X, US
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Disc 1
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Mega-CD 32X, EU
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