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Publisher: Tsukuda Original Sega

Developer: Tsukuda Original, Sega

System(s): SG-1000

ROM Size: 16kB, 32kB +2kB RAM

Genre: Puzzle

Number of Players: 1

Release Date RRP Code
SG-1000 JP 1985 ¥4,300 G-1044

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Othello (オセロ) is an SG-1000 video game based on the board game Othello.

Two versions of Othello exist for the SG-1000. The first version, released in 1983, was built into the Othello Multivision (which is where the system gets its name from). Sega would later re-release this game in cartridge form in 1985, offering significant graphical and AI improvements over Tsukuda Original's version.

Physical Scans

SG-1000 Version

SG-1000, JP (Type C)
Othello SG1000 JP Box Back.jpgNospine.pngOthello SG1000 JP Box Front.jpg


Othello SG JP Cart C.jpg