Power Sled

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Power Sled
Publisher: Sega
System(s): Sega Model 2C CRX
Genre: Racing

Number of players: 1-4 (+4 passengers)
Release Date RRP Code
1996  ?

Power Sled is a full-motion bobsled racing simulator released for Sega Model 2 arcade hardware in 1996. It is a very large and expensive attraction which requires an operator to run it, so it is typically only found in large arcade centers (such as one of the SegaWorlds). The game is not coin operated, and is instead equipped with a card reader to process credits from pre-loaded gameplay cards, which are a staple at all of Sega's theme parks. Like most deluxe Sega attractions, Power Sled made its debut at Joypolis centers in Japan. Three additional units were shipped to Sega's GameWorks arcades in the United States. Music from the game was released in the soundtrack album Sega Racing Best.


The game consists of two realistic, eight-foot-long bobsleds, each in front of a 100" screen. Up to 4 units may be linked together to create an eight-player racing experience. Players use a single, large joystick to maneuver down the track, while the bobsleds move and tilt along with the action of the game. The sleds gain speed by not crashing into the walls, and the first sled to cross the finish line is the winner. Each bobsled accommodates one driver, who controls the sled, and one passenger. A 29 inch monitor that displays live footage of the players is mounted on the top of the machine.