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The SH-2 is a 32-bit RISC processor developed by Hitachi (and currently produced by Renesas) as part of the SuperH family.

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The Sega Saturn is powered by two Hitachi SH2, 32-bit RISC processors. These particular SH-2 chips run at 28.6364 MHz (versions were developed which ran as high as 40 MHz), and are capable of processing up to 37.22732 million instructions per second (MIPS) each (1.3 MIPS per MHz),Media:SH-2A.pdf[1][2] for a combined rating of 74.45464 MIPS (MIPS however, is not a true indication of processor performance in many cases). Each SH2 comes with an internal 4 KB RAM cache in order to speed up processing tasks.

"The SH2 is a small (2 cm square) but fast RISC chip that has been designed primarily to process graphics. Like all RISC processors, it's more streamlined that conventional CISC-based chips and carries out instructions in far fewer clock cycles." — Next Generation

Technical specifications



  1. MOPS (million operations per second)
  2. 1 operation per cycle[13]
  3. 39 cycles per divide[14]