Sega AI Computer

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Sega AI Computer

The Sega AI Computer (AIセガコンピュータ) is an extremely rare computer released in Japan by Sega in 1986. The unit was seen to be ahead of its time upon release, though did not sell in large numbers. Plans were put in place to bring this system to North America in 1987 under the new name of SEGA DI 8300, but this never materialised.

The Sega AI Computer features a number of different modules including a keyboard for programming, a graphics tablet, a speech recognition device and a music composer. It runs software stored on Sega Cards, physically identical to those used in the SG-1000 II, Sega Mark III and the original model of the Sega Master System, though is not compatible with any of those systems.

A first auction sighting of a Sega AI Computer in 2004 valued the item at £19000. In 2014 one was sold on Yahoo Auctions for 124200 JPY (about $1100) and 15 software were auctioned separately.


Processor NEC V20 (16-bit CPU based on the Intel 80186)
Memory 128kB ROM

128kB RAM 64K VRAM

Display 256x212 Resolution
Audio SN76489
Dimensions 520 x 250 x 72 mm