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Fast facts on Sega Force Mega
Publisher: Impact Magazines
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Backed systems: Sega Mega Drive, Sega Game Gear
First issue date: August 1993
Last issue date: January 1994
Number of issues: 7
Frequency: Monthly
Price: £2.25
Preceded by: Sega Force

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Sega Force Mega was a British video gaming magazine launched in 1993. It is one half of a split of an earlier magazine, Sega Force, aimed solely at the Sega Mega Drive market. The other half, Sega Master Force focused on the Sega Master System. Both magazines had a shared "G-Force" section which covered Sega Game Gear games.

Sega Force Mega lasted a month longer than Sega Master Force, though neither magazine was as popular as the old Sega Force format. Only seven issues were published. The seventh issue was a "best of 1993" special, which consisted mostly of content from previous issues.

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