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Fast facts on Sega Production and Engineering Department
Founded: 1951
Headquarters: Japan
Sega Mechatronics logo in 1999

The Production and Engineering Department is the oldest division within Sega that started when the company itself was founded and stationed in Japan. It went under several names, first being R&D2 through 1984 to 1990, AM4 and AM5 during the nineties, Mechatronics during 1999 to 2005, AM Product from 2005 to 2010, and is currently known as R&D4. With a few exceptions, the department goes uncredited.

As the website opened in 1999 declares, the history of the division is the history of Sega itself. The department is responsible for everything related to manufacturing arcade machines. It is not only the core of the video game studios that produce arcade video games, but also produces arcade attractions that are not related to video games. This includes the UFO Catcher, Medal games, Joypolis medium scale attractions and Print Club. It also manufactured jukeboxes, slot machines and electro-mechanical games before arcade machines itself.

Home console engineers such as Hideki Sato and Masami Ishikawa spun off from this division to establish dedicated consumer hardware divisions. After Sega retired home hardware, many of consumer hardware enginners returned however to arcade engineering.

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