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Sega Rally Title.png
Sega Rally Championship
Publisher: Sega
System(s): Sega Model 2A CRX, Sega Saturn, PlayStation 2, PC
Sound driver:
Sega Saturn
SCSP/CD-DA (16 tracks)
Peripherals supported:
Sega Saturn
Arcade Racer Joystick
Genre: Racing

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
1995-01 ¥?  ?
1995 $?  ?
1995-02 £?  ?

Sega Saturn
¥5,800 GS-9047
Sega Saturn
JP (Plus)
¥5,800 GS-9116
Sega Saturn
JP (Satakore)
¥2,800 GS-9149
Sega Saturn
$59.99[1] 81207
Sega Saturn
US (NetLink Edition)
$? 81215
Sega Saturn
£49.99[3] MK81207-50
Sega Saturn
?F MK81207-50
Sega Saturn
DM ? MK81207-50
Sega Saturn
?Ptas MK81207-50
Sega Saturn
$? ?
Sega Saturn
₩? GS-9506J

Windows PC
¥8,800 (9,240) HCJ-0111
Windows PC
$? ?
Windows PC
US (Expert Software)
$14.99[6] ?
Windows PC
£? MK-85048-50
Windows PC
?F MK-85048-50
Windows PC
DM ? MK-85048-50
Windows PC
?Ptas MK-85048-50
Windows PC
UK (Fair Game)
£? ?
Windows PC
UK (GrabIt)
£? ?
Windows PC
UK (Xplosiv)
£? ?
Windows PC
R$? ?
Windows PC
₩? ?
Windows PC
NT$? ?

Sony PlayStation 2
¥? SLPM-62703
Sony PlayStation 2
₩? ?

Sega Rally Championship (セガラリー・チャンピオンシップ), also known simply as Sega Rally or occasionally by the extended title of Sega Rally Championship 1995, is an arcade racing game developed by Sega AM3 for Sega Model 2A CRX arcade hardware. It was released in 1995 to critical acclaim, and is the first in the Sega Rally series.

This is not the same game as the Game Boy Advance and N-Gage Sega Rally Championships which emerged in the years which followed.


Sega Rally is an off-road racing game, in which players drive rally cars across one of four tracks as quickly as possible. Like prior Sega arcade racing games, Sega Rally enforces a strict time limit and a checkpoint system - success is measured by how fast the player can navigate the three standard tracks before either crossing the final finish line or retiring due to the timer running out.

As a rally game, Sega Rally has no concept of "laps" (in the arcade version at least) - each track is treated as a linear journey from a defined beginning to a defined end (although in reality, all tracks are circular, so the beginning is the end). There are computer players which need to be avoided, with the overall aim of finishing in first place at the end of third course. The positions are carried through to each track, so if a user finishes in 10th on the first track, he or she will start in 10th place on the second. Opponent cars are not covered by the same strict rules - they exist solely to provide an extra layer of challenge to the game.

Sega Rally is notable for being the first racing game to allow players to drive on different surfaces, including including asphalt, gravel and mud. Each surface has different friction properties which adjust the car's handling accordingly. Prior to Sega Rally's release, racing games often took a more simplified approach to differing surface types - grass for example might simply reduce the top speed of the car, not affect handling, leading to unrealistic results. These features allow Sega Rally to stand out as a true "rally" game, a sport very much dictated by road surfaces, rather than a generic racing game with rally-esque settings.

As is standard for rallying, an unseen co-driver issues instructions for the road ahead, although it would not be until Sega Rally 2 when distances would be mentioned. The computer controlled AI cars are not as aggressive as seen in Daytona USA - they instead aim to take the best possible racing line at all times to deny the player of valuable seconds.


Only three cars exist in the first Sega Rally, two by Italian car manufacturer Lancia and one by the Japanese firm Toyota. All three are based on Group A models seen in the World Rally Championship, although there are some minor differences in regards to paintwork and sponsors.

SegaRally Art Celica.jpg Toyota Celica CT-Four
The Toyota Celica CT-Four (ST205) was launched in February 1994 and stands as the newest of the cars on offer in Sega Rally. It is perhaps the token Japanese car, and was likely included because the ST205 was new at the time , as this model did not win any World Rally Championships (though did win the 39ème Tour de Corse during the 1995 season). Older models of the car, the ST185 and ST165 were more successful (the ST165 winning the 1990 WRC).

Curiously the Toyota Celica Turbo 4WD, a very different looking car with more titles to its name is absent from this game (despite being built by the same company). The Celica Turbo 4WD won the WRC for drivers in 1992, 1993 and 1994 as well as the WRC for constructors in 1993 and 1994.

SegaRally Art Delta.jpg Lancia Delta HF Integrale
The Lancia Delta HF Integrale, won the WRC constructors award in 1992, and is the follow-up to other award winning members of its family, the Lancia Delta HF 4WD (champions in 1987), Lancia Delta Integrale (champions in 1988 and 1989) and Lancia Delta Integrale 16V (champions in 1991, constructors champions in 1990). The Delta and its derivatives dominated rallying in the years before Sega Rally's release, and the Lancia badge is perhaps best associated with this motorsport.
Notavailable.svg Lancia Stratos HF
The Lancia Stratos HF is the "hidden" car in the original Sega Rally, although featured predominantly in Sega Rally 2 and in most Sega Rally games since. It is the oldest car of the trio, though is a iconic vehicle in rallying after winning the WRC in 1974, 1975 and 1976 (and the driver's championship in 1977). The Statos is the most powerful car in-game but comes with the price of floatier handling (attributed to the fact that it is two-wheel drive, not four).

The Statros is unlocked by finishing first on the Lakeside track in the Saturn version, or by inputting the code XYZYZ on the mode selection screen. In the arcade it needs to be unlocked by placing the gear stick into neutral and holding break, inserting a coin, and pressing the view buttons in order on the menu until a sound effect is heard.

Surprisingly this is not the first time the Lancia Stratos was playable in a Sega game - Safari Race for the SG-1000 contains both Lancia Stratoses and Audi Quattros.

As is standard for many Sega racing games, both automatic and manual transmission variants of all three cars exist, with the manual car generally being faster.


SegaRally Arcade Desert.png Desert (easy)
Alright! Let's watch your run one more time on the desert course.

Desert, perhaps the most iconic of all Sega Rally tracks, is a relatively simple dirt/mud circuit with easy turns and a couple of jumps. It also features a helicopter.

Sega Rally Forest.png Forest (medium)
Well, you're gonna see your excellent run one more time. Cool breeze, birds and clouds. Relax and enjoy...

Forest ramps up the challenge with a few tight turns. Part of the track takes place on mud, while others take place on the faster road surface.

SegaRally Arcade Mountain.png Mountain (hard)
Let's watch. The key to victory on this cool course is patience. But, as you know, only patience is not enough to win.

Mountain is the hardest track, with no off-road sections (aside from embankments), many turns and narrow roads, leaving little room for error.

SegaRally Arcade Lakeside.png Lakeside
If you have to drive only one course for the rest of your life, this is the one. Is this heaven? Yeah...

Lakeside is a bonus course that can be played after finishing the previous courses in first place.




The game sold 12,000 hardware units in the arcades, and 1.2 million software units for the Saturn.[10]

Sega Rally was followed by Sega Rally 2 for Sega Model 3 hardware and later the Sega Dreamcast. Codemasters have cited Sega Rally as a strong influence on their first Colin McRae Rally game.


Saturn version

Following the arcade release, plans were put in place to bring the game in an enhanced form to the Sega Saturn. Marketed as a killer app for the system, the Saturn version arrived in late 1995/early 1996 to critical acclaim, and is often regarded as one of the system's best racing games. In the lead up to its launch, the game sponsored Yoshio Fujimoto's Toyota Celica Turbo 4WD ST185 at the 1995 Safari Rally[11].

The Saturn release retains all the features of the arcade version, although due to the Saturn being less powerful than the Model 2 arcade board, significant cuts were made to graphics, namely polygon counts, texture quality, draw distance and screen resolutions. To compensate, the Saturn Sega Rally has a full redbook audio soundtrack created by Naofumi Hataya. Also missing is the arcade version's force feedback (which was to be expected for the time) and the rear view mirror.

As well as retaining the arcade mode and its original rules, the Saturn version contains a time attack mode in which you can race across multiple laps against a player ghost, as well as a split-screen two-player mode with similar track options. The primary difference is the ability to create and use customised variants of the Celica and Delta, with added adjustments for handling, tyres, front and back suspension, and even the blow-off valve to give the car a different noise when moving. The Saturn version also keeps a more detailed record of lap times and statistics of that nature. There is also a two-player cooperative mode.

The Saturn version was converted by Sega of Japan's CS Team, under guidance from Sega AM3. The differences in architecture mean the game was almost completely remade for Saturn hardware[12]There are minor differences between regions - generally the US version has fewer graphical details than its Japanese and European counterparts, and its replay mode has fewer camera angles[13]. All versions are compatible with the Arcade Racer Joystick.

In the UK, Sega Rally was the fasted selling CD game in history, beating Destruction Derby's record by 10%[14] (although conflicting reports suggest the PlayStation version of FIFA Soccer 96 held the record priorMedia:SegaPro UK 57.pdf[15]. It represented 74% of all UK Saturn titles sold in its week of launch, and 13% of the full CD software totalMedia:SegaPro UK 57.pdf[15]. Sega also released a press kit marking the game's release, complete with novelty tax disc telling car owners to "Play, don't pay!". Andy Mee calculated that if every UK car owner took this advice, the UK government would lose £3 billion, but traffic congestion and air quality would be improvedMedia:SegaPro UK 57.pdf[16].


1996 saw the release of Sega Rally Championship Plus in Japan. Plus is very much the same game and the standard Saturn Japanese release, but adds XBAND support and is tuned to work with the 3D Control Pad. For the latter reason alone it is generally considered to be the most definitive Sega Rally for the console.

Plus: NetLink Edition

In the United States an enhanced Sega Saturn version of the game was released under the title of Sega Rally Championship Plus: NetLink Edition. This is similar to Sega Rally Championship Plus, though swaps XBAND support for Sega NetLink support. It does support 3D Control Pad and has a number of bug fixes. The online part will still work if you have a analog phone line and like all other netlink games can now be played over a high speed internet connection with Voip[17]

PC version

1997 saw a PC release of Sega Rally, appropriately titled Sega Rally Championship PC. This version shares the same feature set as the Saturn version although sports superior graphics and network play.

An very rare variant of the PC version, distributed with Righteous 3D video cards (by Orchid) exists with added Direct3D support. The added 3D hardware acceleration provided by this port allows for superior graphics and frame rates, although as textures were not replaced, it is still on the whole less detailed than the Model 2 version.

PlayStation 2 version

A version for the PlayStation 2 was bundled as a box set with Sega Rally 2006 in Japan and Asia. This is a straight port of the Model 2 version with some adjustments for the PlayStation 2 hardawre. Only the arcade mode is available and extra settings of the Saturn and PC versions are absent, however it is currently the most accurate home port of the game available.

Production credits

Arcade version

Saturn version

Japanese version

Other version

'Conditioned Reflex', 'Getting Muddy', 'Power Games', 'Reckless Running', 'Ignition', 'Desert Land', 'My Dear Friend, Rally'

US Manual Credits

US Manual Credits (Plus: NetLink Edition)

Sega of America:
  • Producer: Tre Johnson
  • Net Link Producer: Paul Stathacopoulos
  • Director of Net Link Engineering: Yutaka Yamamoto
  • Lead Testers: Sean Doidge, Michael McCollum, Chris Lucich
  • Product Manager: Andrew Stein
  • Product Specialist: Mark Subotnick
  • Packaging: Eric Smith
  • Designers/Programmers: Victor Zavala, Patrick Joiner, Bruce Jones
  • Manual: Frank Higgins/Andrew Stein
  • Manual Layout: Verdoni Multi Media
  • SOA Software Test Department: Anthony Borba, Steve Bourdet, Ryan Hurth, Rick Greet, Ty Johnson, Marc Dawson, Roger DeForest, Polly Villayuta, Chris Cates, Jeremy Caine, Jesse Caseras, Aaron Hommes, Greg Pett, Hamilton Baylon, Lloyd Kinoshita, John Jansen, Matt Ironside, Mo Berry, Ferdinand Villar, Michael Yu
  • Special Thanks: Mark Lindstrom, Steve Hutchins, Greg Winslow, Geraldine Dessimoz, Mike Needham, Yoshi Nakano, Eileen Sacman, Dan Stevens, Marcelyn Ditter, Anne Moellering, Mike Markey, Sega On-Line and the Seedy Crew
MPATH, Inc.:
  • XBAND Software: Josh Horwich, Janice Hsia, Dave Jacobs, Richard Kiss, Dan Lindsey, Andrew Stadler, Hoan Tran
  • XBAND Art: Joanna Escolar, Joey Stocklein
  • Mplayer Art: William Haas
  • Web Design: John Schroeder
PlanetWeb, Inc.:
  • VP Engineering: Ken Soohoo
  • Computer Engineering: Jeff Chin, Steven Cole, Warren Gee, Edgar Allen Tu
  • Art Direction: Cuyler Gee
  • QA Manager: Randall Hughes
  • QA: John Takizawa
  • Director of Server Technologies: James Straus

PC version

PlayStation 2 version

Track list

Saturn version

1. [data track] ({{{time}}})

2. Power Games (00:56)

3. My Dear Friend, Rally (03:51)

4. Desert Replay (03:20)

5. Forest Replay (02:33)

6. Mountain Replay (03:01)

7. Lakeside Replay (02:39)

8. Desert Land (04:30)

9. Reckless Running (04:11)

10. Getting Muddy (04:43)

11. Conditioned Reflex (04:58)

12. Ignition (04:16)

13. Around A Letter (01:03)

14. End Road Of Monaco (00:10)

15. Fanfare (00:11)

16. Game Over Yeah! (00:09)

17. Put Up A Sign (00:11)
Running time: 40:42

Magazine articles

Main article: Sega Rally Championship/Magazine articles.

Promotional material

GamePro US 079.pdf

Print advert in

GamePro (US) #79: "February 1996" (199x-xx-xx)
also published in:

  • GamePro (US) The Cutting Edge: "Spring 1996" (1996-xx-xx)[18]

SSM JP 19951208 1995-13.pdf

Print advert in

Sega Saturn Magazine (JP) #13: "1995-12-08" (1995-11-24)

SSM JP 19960112 1996-01.pdf

Print advert in

Sega Saturn Magazine (JP) #15: "1996-01 (1996-01-12, 26)" (1995-12-22)

SSM JP 19960209 1996-02.pdfSSM JP 19960209 1996-02.pdf

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Sega Saturn Magazine (JP) #16: "1996-02 (1996-02-09)" (1996-01-26)

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Print advert in

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Print advert in

Sega Magazin (DE) #30: "Mai 1996" (1996-04-10)
also published in:

  • neXt Level (DE) "Mai 1996" (1996-0x-xx)[19]

HobbyConsolas ES 052.pdf

Saturn Print advert in

Hobby Consolas (ES) #52: "xxxx xxxx" (xxxx-xx-xx)

Photo gallery

Physical scans

Model 2 version

Sega Retro Average 
Publication Score Source
93 №163, p93[20]
83 №11, p76/77
Based on
2 reviews

Model 2, US (upright)
Model 2, US (deluxe)
Model 2, US (twin)
Model 2, JP (deluxe)
Model 2, JP (twin)
Model 2, UK (deluxe)
Model 2, UK (twin)

Saturn version

Sega Retro Average 
Publication Score Source
90 №13, p46-51[21]
96 №50, p98-101
95 №171, p38-41[22]
80 №29, p70/71[23]
85 №78, p188[24]
90 №369, p31
78 №407 (Plus), p30
96 Vol 4, №1, p18/62/63
80 №79, p58[25]
95 №38, p54/55
95 №90
86 №33, [1]
100 №3, p142[26]
95 №40, p64-66[27]
100 №13, p178[28]
100 №14, p160
98 №60, p107-110[29]
97 №75
95 №54, p26-29
97 №3, p78/79[30]
93 №1996-01, p183[31]
91 №, p9Media:SnGwSISDRZK Book JP.pdf[32]
93 №15, p58-61
95 №9, p56-61[33]
93 №1/96, p80/81[34]
Sega Saturn
Based on
27 reviews

Saturn, US
Segarally sat us backcover.jpgSegarally sat us frontcover.jpg
SegaRally Saturn US Disc.jpg
Segarally sat us manual.pdf
Saturn, US (Not for Resale)

Saturn, US (Plus: NetLink Edition)
SegaRallyNetlinkEdition US Box Back.jpgSegaRallyNetlinkEdition US Box Front.jpg
Segarallynetlink sat us manual.pdf
Saturn, EU
Segarally sat eu cover.jpg
SegaRallyChampionship saturn eu cd.jpg
Saturn, EU (newer)

Saturn, JP
Segarally sat jp backcover.jpgSegarally sat jp frontcover.jpg
SegaRally Sat JP Spinecard.jpg
SegaRally Saturn JP Disc.jpg
SegaRally SS jp manual.pdf
SegaRally Saturn JP Box Inlay.jpg
Saturn, JP (Plus)
SegaRallyPlus Saturn JP Box Back.jpgSegaRallyPlus Saturn JP Box Front.jpg
SegaRallyPlus Saturn JP Spinecard.jpg
SegaRallyPlus Saturn JP Disc.jpg
SegaRallyPlus Saturn JP Box Inlay.jpg
Saturn, JP (Plus) (Satakore)
SegaRallyPlus Saturn JP Box Back Satakore.jpgSegaRallyPlus Saturn JP Box Front Satakore.jpg
SegaRallyPlus Saturn JP Disc Satakore.jpg
SegaRallyPlus Saturn JP Box Inlay Satakore.jpg
Saturn, BR
Saturn, KR
SegaRally Saturn KR Box Back.jpgSegaRally Saturn KR Box Side.jpgSegaRally Saturn KR Box.jpg

PC version

Sega Retro Average 
Publication Score Source
89 №1997-02, p158-160[35]
90 №21, p52[36]
Windows PC
Based on
2 reviews

SegaRally PC US Box Front.jpg
PC, US (Expert Software)
SegaRally PC US Box Back Expert.jpgNospine.pngSegaRally PC US Box Front Expert.jpg

Sega Rally PC EU Disc.jpg
Sega Rally PC EU Box Back.jpgSega Rally PC EU Box Front.jpg
Jewel Case
PC, EU (Ntertainment)
SegaRally PC EU Box Ntertainment.jpg
SegaRally PC JP Box Front.jpg
PC, JP (Ultra 2000)
SegaRally PC JP Box Front Ultra2000.jpg

PC, AU (Valusoft)

PC, UK (Xplosiv)
SegaRally PC EU Box Xplosiv.jpg
SegaRally PC UK Disc Xplosiv.jpg
PC, UK (Xplosiv) (Alt)

PC, UK (GrabIt)
SegaRally PC EU Box GrabIt.jpg
SegaRally PC UK Disc GrabIt.jpg
PC, UK (Fair Game)


PC, DE (Green Pepper)
SegaRally PC DE Box GreenPepper.jpg
PC, NL/FR (Sega Classics)
SegaRally PC FR-NL Box Classics.jpg
SegaRally PC FR-NL Disc Classics.jpg
PC, PT (Top Games)

PC, PL (Xplosiv)


SegaRally PC TW Box Front.jpg

PlayStation 2 version

PlayStation 2, JP
SegaRally PS2 JP Box.jpg
SegaRally PS2 JP disc.jpg
PlayStation 2, KR

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