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Fast facts on Sega, S.A. SONIC
Founded: 1968-03

Sega, S.A. SONIC, also known as Segasa and Segasa d.b.a. Sonic, is a Spanish electric amusement company established on March 25, 1968, by Sega Enterprises, Ltd.-related shareholders, and specialized in coin operated amusement machines, which were the only coin-op equipment legally produced in Spain at the time.

Games like Basketball, Helicopter, Periscope and Grand Prix, among many others, were introduced in Spain from the Sega Japan's development headquarters. An alliance with Williams Electronics Inc. brought pinball machines produced for the export market, with both Williams and SONIC developments.

By 1972, Segasa were pioneers in the introduction of the video arcade games, starting with Pong, and following with a number of popular models like Space Invaders, Galaxian and Asteroids. With the legalization of gaming in Spain in 1977, Sega, S.A. SONIC, started the development of gaming machines for the Spanish market, along with the UK.

Since 1994, Sega, S.A. SONIC is 100% owned by Spanish shareholders and is no longer affiliated with Sega.