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Silpheed title.png
Publisher: Sega, Game Arts (JP)
System(s): Sega Mega-CD
ROM size: 536MB(JP)
Genre: Shoot-'em-Up

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega-CD JP 1993-07-30 ¥8,800 T-45054
Sega Mega-CD US 1993 $? 4423
Sega Mega-CD EU 1993 £49.99 4423
Sega Mega-CD BR 199x $? 063210

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Silpheed (シルフィード) is a vertical scrolling shoot-'em-up released for the Sega Mega-CD in 1993. It is a remake of an older shooter with the same name released for several home computers of the late 1980s, sporting more colours, different levels, enhanced music and updated graphics.

It is notable for its use of 3D graphics - though the gameplay is strictly two-dimensional, the scenery is rendered using polygons in a similar manner to Star Fox or Virtua Racing. Silpheed is slightly less impressive than those two games however, as most of the action takes place in space, which typically lacks scenery.

Streaming technology is used heavily in this game. Read errors can occur on systems that run other games flawlessly

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Sega Mega-CD 82 Sega Retro Average 
Based on 16 reviews
Publication Score Source
Consoles + 93 №24, p128/129/130
Computer & Video Games 85 №143, p44/45/46
EDGE 70 №1, p84, 94/95
GamesMaster 75 №10, p78/79
Joypad 96 №23, p82/83/84
Mega 89 №13, p28/29
Mega Action 89 №6, p40/41
Mega Power 50 №2, p48/49/50/51
MegaTech 94 №21, p58/59/60/61
Mean Machines Sega 90 №12, p48-51Media:MeanMachinesSega12UK.pdf
Player One 93 №37, p102/103/104
Sega Magazine (UK) 85 №1, p102/103Media:OfficialSegaMagazine_UK_01.pdf
Sega Power 83 №47, p54/55
Sega Pro 69 №24, p46/47
Sega Force Mega 73 №5, p38-40Media:SegaForceMega05.pdf
Sonic the Comic 85 №15, p11
Mega-CD, US
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Mega-CD, EU
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Mega-CD, JP
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Mega-CD, BR
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