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The Ninja Warriors
Publisher: Taito
Developer(s) of original games: Taito
System(s): Sega Mega-CD
Original system(s): Arcade Boards
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega-CD
¥7,800 T-11024

The Ninja Warriors (ニンジャウォーリアーズ) is a beat-'em-up originally developed by Taito for the arcades. It was brought to the Sega Mega-CD in 1993 exclusively for Japan.


Playable characters are two androids called Kunoichi (female ninja, red color) and Ninja (male ninja, blue color). Both characters play identically.

To emulate the three-screen setup of the original arcade game (three 288x224 screens arranged in a horizontal line like with the Darius games), porters Aisystem Tokyo simply capped the screen resolution in software, resulting in the entire game running in a small window.

As indicated by the boxart, one of the game's main selling points was the soundtrack composed by Taito's inhouse band Zuntata. The game includes both the arcade versions's soundtrack as well as remixed tracks. An exclusive Zuntata mode was also included, which is bascially a movie scene that explains the game's backstory. Members of Zuntata served as actors.

To this day, this is the most faithful port of The Ninja Warriors.

Production credits

"Prologue" Staff
  • Director: H.Tonomura
  • Photographer: K.Matsubara
  • Lighting: H.Matsui
  • Music: H.Ogura, T.Kawamoto
  • Photo Design: M.Nakanishi
  • Object Design: H.Takahagi, M.Ogata
  • Screen Play: Y.Watanabe, K.Ishikawa
  • Make-Up: Y.Chika
  • Sound Engineer: K.Ohnui
  • Sound Effect: K.Ishikawa, H.Takahagi
  • Special Thanks: Office Misumi, Kiryo Video Inc., Take Off, Noah-Project
The Crew
  • Produced by: Yoshio Imamura
  • Directed by: Takashi Shiokawa
  • Written by: Onijust
  • Director of Software: Mutsushige Tsuji
  • Character Designers: Shrine, Masayuki Suzuki, Yoko Gotan, Satomi Yokose
  • Sound Software: Daikoku Hisaya
  • Music Composed by: Hisayoshi Ogura (Zuntata)
  • Drama Music Composed by: Tamayo Kawamoto (Zuntata)
  • Music Arranged by: Junichi Kawaguchi
  • Synthesizer Manipulated by: Hiroshi Sukegawa, Teruo Konishi, Katsuhisa Ishikawa (Zuntata)
  • Engineered by: Masao Saotome, Kazuyuki Ohnui (Zuntata)
  • Drums: Atsuo Okamoto
  • Bass: Naoki Watanabe
  • Guitar: Takashi Masuzaki
  • Tsugaru-Shamisen: Katsunari Sawada
  • Game Checker: Kazuhiko Sugiyama, Tatsuya Kitazawa, Yoichi Sato
  • Special Thanks: Keishi Itoh, Yuji Koga, Takahisa Horimoto, Tohru Kawaishi, Makoto Saitoh, Pony Canyon Inc., Scitron & Art Inc.
  • Game Designed by: Eiji Takeshima

© Taito Corporation 1993 All Rights Reserved

Magazine articles

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Physical scans

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78 №17, p70/71/72
47 №141, p90[1]
15 №11, p48
61 №4, p24
41 №18, p70/71
30 №8, p44-46[2]
48 №1, p40/41[3]
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Mega-CD, JP
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