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RevengeShinobi GBA title.png
The Revenge of Shinobi
Publisher: Sega (EU), THQ (US)
Distributor: Infogrames (EU)
System(s): Game Boy Advance
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Nintendo Game Boy Advance
$29.99[1] AGB-P-A3RE
Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Nintendo Game Boy Advance

The 2002 release of The Revenge of Shinobi is a Game Boy Advance game developed by 3d6 Games. Though it belongs to the same series, it is unrelated to the Mega Drive game of the same name.

The game makes heavy use of prerendered graphics and uses plenty of asian stereotypes, not related to Japan or Ninja in particular, sometimes poorly implemented, e.g. the first boss you encounter uses thunder attacks and the Japanese Kanji for "Electricity" - "電" is displayed, albeit mirrored. Such a symbol does not exists.

Gameplay is much slower paced than other Shinobi games, with a bigger focus on collecting keys, pushing switches etc. It was not well received, both by fans of the original series and gamers in general.

Magazine articles

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Physical scans

Game Boy Advance, US
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RoS GBA US Cart.jpg
Game Boy Advance, EU
TRoS GBA EU Box Front.jpg


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