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Toy Commander
Publisher: Sega
System(s): Sega Dreamcast
Peripherals supported: Dreamcast VGA Box, Dreamcast Jump Pack
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1-4
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Dreamcast
¥4,800 HDR-0052
Sega Dreamcast
$? 51020
Sega Dreamcast
€39.99[1] ? MK-51020-50

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Toy Commander, known in Japan as Totsugeki! Teketeke!! Toy Ranger (突撃!てけてけ!!トイ・レンジャー), is a Sega Dreamcast game developed by No Cliché in 1999. It was a launch title in both North America and Europe, and was used extensively to advertise the Dreamcast's 3D rendering capabilities. In the game, the player controls a variety of toys, ranging from cars to planes and helicopters, and must complete various tasks in a 3D environment.

After the player (called Andy in the US and Guthy in Europe) receives some new army-themed toys for Christmas, his older toys, lead by Huggy Bear, rebel against the new arrivals. The overall goal is to stop Huggy Bear and his various generals and reclaim the house. By defeating a general, the toy can then be used against the final boss.

No Cliché developed Christmas and Summer time hoilday spin-offs for the Official Dreamcast Magazine. They also released a sequel, Toy Racer, a racing game with online capabilities which did not see the same level of success.

Magazine articles

Main article: Toy Commander/Magazine articles.

Promotional material

EGM US 125.pdf

Print advert in

Electronic Gaming Monthly (US) #125: "December 1999" (1999-11-09)
also published in:

  • Gamers' Republic (US) #19: "December 1999" (1999-xx-xx)[2]

DLMO FR 03.pdf

Print advert in

Dreamcast: Le Magazine Officiel (FR) #3: "Mars/Avril 2000" (2000-xx-xx)


Physical scans

Sega Retro Average 
Publication Score Source
40 №13, p101[3]
92 №93, p112/113/114
60 №218, p73[1]
70 №2, p24-27[4]
90 №2, p76-79[5]
77 №2000-02, p23Media:DCM_JP_20000121_2000-02.pdf[6]
89 №, p33Media:Dorimaga_20021011_JP.pdf[7]
86 №2, p58/59[8]
60 №78, p76[9]
63 №578, p32
76 №101, p104/105[10]
80 №1, p37[11]
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Dreamcast, US
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Dreamcast, JP
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