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Gynoug MDTitleScreen.png
Publisher: Masaya (JP), DreamWorks (US), Sega (EU)
System(s): Sega Mega Drive, Virtual Console
ROM size: 512kB
Genre: Shoot-'em-Up

Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive JP 1991-01-25 ¥6,500 T-25093
Sega Mega Drive US 1991 $? 25076
Sega Mega Drive EU 1991 £34.99 [1]Media:ACE UK 43.pdf 1030
Sega Mega Drive AU 199x $?  ?
Sega Mega Drive BR 199x R$?  ?

Virtual Console JP 800 points ?

Gynoug (ジノーグ), called Wings of Wor in the US, is a shoot-'em-up developed by NCS in 1991 for the Sega Mega Drive. It was published by Masaya in Japan and Europe and DreamWorks in the US.

You play as Wor, an angel who has to drive the evils of Iccus, who are attacking the heavens, back to their home and destroy them. B shoots (you have rapidfire). You can also collect a series of magic spells. Cycle through them with A and use them with C; once you use a spell, it is gone. Instead of following the typical powerup system, Gynoug uses a string of orbs to represent power level: collecting red and blue orbs will add one to a meter of the appropriate color in the HUD (and will consequently power up your weapons); losing a life takes one away from each.

Production Credits

Producer: Hideo Suzuki
Assistant Producer: Hikaru Satoh
Director: Manabu Takasugi
Programmer: Halloween, Moriyah
Graphic Designer: Hisami Takizawa, Satosi Nakai -Winds-
Music Composer: Cube
Thanks to: Tetsuya Ohya, Yukihiro Higuchi
Executive Director: Yasumasa Sirakura
Gynoug, Copyright NCS Corp 1991, All Rights Reserved

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Physical Scans

Sega Mega Drive 83 Sega Retro Average 
Based on 19 reviews
Publication Score Source
50 №43, p64/65Media:ACE UK 43.pdf
88 №0, p18/19/20
91 №113, p44/45
91 №8, p36/37
89 №7, p136/137
93 №14, p119
88 №1, p80
52 №9, p20
92 №5, p28/29/30/31
91 №17, p95
88 №6, p78-80Media:MeanMachines UK 06.pdf
91 №19, p64/65
100 №23, p53
59 №33, p26
88 №6, p31Media:Segapro UK 06.pdf
92 №9, p29Media:Segapro UK 09.pdf
79 №18, p66
84 №6, p72/73Media:SegaForce06UK.pdf
74 №33, p38
Mega Drive, US
WingsofWor MD US Box.jpg
WingsofWor MD US Cart.jpg
Mega Drive, EU
Gynoug MD EU Box.jpg
Gynoug MD EU Cart.jpg
Mega Drive, JP
Gynoug MD JP Box.jpg
Gynoug MD JP CartTop.jpg
Gynoug MD JP Cart.jpg
Gynoug md jp manual.pdf
Mega Drive, AU

Mega Drive, BR
Gynoug MD BR Box.jpg
Gynoug MD BR Cart.jpg
Gynoug md br manual.pdf

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