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Publisher: Sega
System(s): Sega Mega-CD
ROM size: 599MB
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega-CD
$59.99Media:GamePro US 075.pdf[1] 4437

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Wirehead is a full motion video game for the Sega Mega-CD. It was only released in North America.

Wirehead was originally set to be released similarly to Fahrenheit, in that the package would contain both a Mega-CD copy of the game, and a Mega-CD 32X variant. The Mega-CD 32X version was announced at Summer CES 1994, but was ultimately scrapped for unknown reasons. Had it been released, the Mega-CD 32X version of Wirehead would have debuted during the launch window of the 32X system.

Production credits

In-game credits

Wirehead: Steve Witting
Laura: Leah Lail
Heels: Natasha Pavlova
Dr. Oja: John Fujioka
Dr. Slitcon: Vaugen Armstrong
Rip: Stephen Davies
Sticks: Sonny Surowiec
Stunt Coordinator: David Jacox Jr.
Stunt Performers: Charles Andre, George Josef, Rick Pearse, Yves Cameron, Ernie Jackson, Vanessa Paris, Dean Choe, Brad Loree, Fiona Roeske, Jim Dunn, Jacob Rupp, Michael Langlois, Elaina Gambli, Cotton Mather, Melissa Stubss, Alex Green, Michael Mitckell, Kim Sheppard, Collin Hosu, Tony Morelli, Dawn Stoffer, Kirk Jarret, Fred Perron, Danny Virtue
Casting: Rosemary Weldon, Sue Van Slee
Sally: Carol Whiteman
Lisa: Paige Heuser
Max: Joe Jutt
Sheriff: James Bell
Deputy: Malcolm Stewart
Cowboy #1: Christopher Turner
Cowboy #2: Dorwin Horst
Cowboy #3: Willis Horst
Cowgirl #1: Dorothy Fehr
Cowgirl #2: Sarah Richardson
Cowgirl #3: Rachel Hayward
Jeep Girl: Mikka Dargel
Slitcon Assistant: Dean Choe
Unit Production Manager: James Goff Martin
First Assistant Director: Blair Roth
Second Assistant Director: Koa Padolsky
Production Coordinator: Laurie McLay
Focus Pullers: Kevin Hall, Holly Gregory
Clapper/Loader: Marty Naucler, Ian Seabrook
Video Assistant: David Bercovici
Key Grip: Tony Hyland
Best Boy Grip: Steve Larson
Third Grip: Irwin Figuera
Gaffer: Paul Slatter
Best Boy: George Campell
Lamp Operator: Steve Clark
Genny Operator: Paul Bougie
Sound Mixer: Jerry McLean
Boom Operator: Martin Borycki
Art Director: Ron Kearney
Set Decorator: Paul Hanlon
Set Dresser: Alexander Greig
Props Masters: Mark Hughes
Second Props: Jason Landels
Third Props: Trevor Wise
Location Managers: Greg Jackson, Dan Redford
Assistant Location Manager: Joel Hurley
Location Scout: John Penhall
Location P.A.: Darcy Wild
Special Effects Coordinator: Al Benjamin
Special Effects Assistant: Rae Reedyk
Wardrobe Stylist: Kellie Davis
Wardrobe Assistant: Debbie Schreiber
Make up Artist: Delina Sheppard
Hair Stylist: Frederick London
Third Assistant Director: J.P. Holecka
Trainee Assistant Director: Glen Bottomley
Production Assistant: Claire Welch
First Aid/Craft Services: Lisa Chalmers
Office Assistant: Hayley E. Wilson
Picture Car Coordinator: Don Bell
Transportation Coordinator: Dave Fisher
Driver Captain: Malcolm Jones
Drivers: Peter Pantages, Simon Alexander, Troy Bassett
Post Production Supervisor: Ken Cathro
Colorist: Ernie Moser
Color Correction: Achim Kapitza
Audio Design: Ewan Deane
Online Editor: Mike Ross
Programming: James Fisher
Additional Programming: Colin Hogg, Simon Morris, Mark Kirkby, Elliot Simon Gay
Graphics by: Joe Lewis
Sega Producer: Tony Van
Sega Assistant Producer: Vy Nong
Digital Compression: Katy Weathers
Product Manager: John Garner
Game Testing: Sega of America Testing Dept.
Special Thanks: Jef Feltman, Larry Loth, Clint Dyer, Pacific Video Resources
Facilities Provided by: Pacific Video Canada, Gastown Post & Transfer, Airwaves Sound Design, Northwest Imaging & FX
Koda the Bear Provided by: Creative Animal Talent
Trained by: Mark Weiner
Special Thanks to: Melissa Stubbs whose dedication to her work was an inspiration to the entire crew.
The Code Monkeys

Manual credits

Written/Directed by: James Riley
Dirs. of Photography: Bernard Salzmann, Daniel Nowak
Edited by: Sloan Klevin
Produced by: Michael Mullaly
Music Composed by: George Bondheim
Sega Asst. Producers: Greg Beckstead
Lead Testers: Jeff Loney, Abe Navarro, Jay Vo
Game Guide: Hillary Clayson Loeb, Gary Ferster
Special Thanks: Willie Mancero, Luis Arguero

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