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F1worldgrandprix title.png
F1 World Grand Prix
Publisher: Sega, Video System (JP)
System(s): Sega NAOMI, Sega Dreamcast
Peripherals supported:
Sega Dreamcast
Dreamcast Racing Controller, Dreamcast VGA Box, Dreamcast Jump Pack
Genre: Racing

Number of players: 1-4
Release Date RRP Code
1998 ¥?  ?

Sega Dreamcast
¥5,800 T-3001M
Sega Dreamcast
$39.95[1] 51030
Sega Dreamcast
£39.99[2] T-3001D-50
Sega Dreamcast
?F T-3001D-50
Sega Dreamcast
DM ? T-3001D-50
Sega Dreamcast
8.990[3]Ptas T-3001D-50

F1 World Grand Prix is a Sega NAOMI and Sega Dreamcast formula one racing game released in 1999. The Dreamcast version's title is sometimes extended to F1 World Grand Prix for Dreamcast or F1 World Grand Prix for DC to separate it from other games with similar names for the PlayStation, Microsoft Windows and Nintendo 64.

The game was followed by F1 World Grand Prix II the following year.

Magazine articles

Main article: F1 World Grand Prix/Magazine articles.

Promotional material

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Consoles + (FR) #95: "Décembre 1999" (1999-xx-xx)
also published in:


Physical scans

NAOMI version

Dreamcast version

Sega Retro Average 
Publication Score Source
80 №14, p73[5]
78 №95, p138[6]
80 №218, p78[2]
60 №3, p67[7]
70 №1999-37, p26Media:DCM_JP_19991203_1999-37.pdf[8]
83 №, p34[9]
89 №3, p42-44[10]
70 №78, p77[11]
75 №572, p31
78 №103, p133[12]
70 №1, p60/61[13]
Sega Dreamcast
Based on
12 reviews

Dreamcast, US
F1WGP DC US Box Back.jpgF1WGP DC US Box Front.jpg
F1wgp dc us manual.pdf
F1wgp dc us inlay.jpg
Dreamcast, EU
F1WGP DC EU Box Back.jpgF1WGP DC EU Box Front.jpg
F1WGP DC EU Disc.jpg
Dreamcast, JP
F1WGP DC JP Box Back.jpgF1WGP DC JP Box Front.jpg
F1 World Grand Prix DC JP Spine.jpg
F1 World Grand Prix DC JP Disc.jpg

External links

  • Sega of Japan catalogue pages (Japanese): Dreamcast


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