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*[[Tetsu Okano]]
*[[Tetsu Okano]]
*[[Satoshi Sakai]]
*[[Satoshi Sakai]]
*[[Seichi Hayashi]]
*[[Shinji Motoyama]]
*[[Shinji Motoyama]]
*[[Shuntaro Tanaka]]
*[[Shuntaro Tanaka]]

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Fast facts on Sega CS3 (2008-current)
Founded: 2008-05-01
Merged into: Online R&D
Headquarters: Japan

Sega CS3 is the continuation of GE2. It handles a large amount of the output of Sega on consumer platforms, frequently collaborating on co-producing and co-developing with external developers in Japan.

In addition, the Phantasy Star franchise has moved out of Sonic Team into CS3 - however free to play entry Phantasy Star Online 2 was developed outside of CS3.


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