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Valkyria Chronicles II
Publisher: Sega
System(s): PlayStation Portable
Genre: Simulation RPG

Release Date RRP Code
Sony PlayStation Portable
¥5,800 (6,090) ULJM-05560
Sony PlayStation Portable
JP (Download)
¥5,142 (5,400)
Sony PlayStation Portable
JP (Sega the Best)
¥2,800 (2,940) ULJM-05807
Sony PlayStation Portable
JP (Sega the Best Download)
¥2,476 (2,600)
Sony PlayStation Portable
JP (Sega the Best 2)
¥1,800 (1,890) ULJM-05987
Sony PlayStation Portable
$? ULUS-10515
Sony PlayStation Portable
£? ULES-01417
Sony PlayStation Portable
€? ULES-01417
Sony PlayStation Portable
€? ULES-01417
Sony PlayStation Portable
€? ULES-01417
Sony PlayStation Portable
EU (Essentials)
€? ? ?
Sony PlayStation Portable
$? ?
Sony PlayStation Portable
AU (Essentials)
$? ?
Sony PlayStation Portable
?RUB ?

Valkyria Chronicles II, called Senjou no Valkyria 2: Gallia Ouritsu Shikan Gakkou (戦場のヴァルキュリア2 ガリア王立士官学校) in Japan, is an upcoming video game for the PlayStation Portable. It is the sequel to the PlayStation 3 title Valkyria Chronicles by Sega. The game was released on January 21, 2010 in Japan, with a North American release scheduled for August 31, 2010. It was followed by Senjou no Valkyria 3, which has not yet been planned for an overseas release.

Valkyria Chronicles added more classes and skills to game. Certification system (which is necessary for class changes) however, was not well received and Sega dropped the system for the Valkyria Chronicles 3.


Set two years after the events of Valkyria Chronicles, the story revolves around a civil war within the small Europan nation of Gallia. A rebel group made up of dissatisfied aristocrats and like-minded soldiers and citizens calling themselves the Gallian Revolutionary Army rises up in arms in order to wage an ethnic cleansing campaign against Gallians of Darcsen descent. However, with the intense fight against the Empire having left Gallia's regular army in an exhausted state, there is initially little to stop the insurrection from gaining momentum. Laws preventing the formation of a national militia to fight fellow Gallians force the government to deploy military academy cadets to the front lines in order to combat and defeat the GRA forces.

Among the students sent out on the field is 17-year-old Avan Hardins, a young man who enrolled in Lanseal Military Academy after the death of his older brother, Leon.


Valkyria Chronicles 2, just like the first game, was a big hit in Japan. Game failed to sell well in America and Europe however, despite the the fact that Western reviews of the game were highly positive.

Diminishing interest of PSP in the America and Europe believed to be the main reason why game failed to sell well in the overseas, despite good reviews.

When asked why sequel released in PSP rather than PS3, developers answered that; if they developed the game for PS3, it would take nearly 3 years to release the game.

As a result of the poor sales of this title, Sega cancelled all plans to release Valkyria Chronicles 3 for the Western market. As of 2012, there are no plans to release the game in other languages.

English release of Valkyria Chronicles 2 has English voice acting only, unlike the first game which had both Japanese and English dubbing. This was possibly because lack of disk space in an UMD device.

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PlayStation Portable, US
ValkyriaChronicles2 US cover.jpg
PlayStation Portable, JP
Valkyria Chronicles II PSP JP Box front.jpg
ValkyriaChronicles2 PSP JP disc.jpg
ValkyriaChronicles2 PSP JP coverback.jpg
PlayStation Portable, JP (Sega the Best)
ValkyriaChronicles2 PSP JP best cover.jpg
ValkyriaChronicles2 PSP JP disc best.jpg
ValkyriaChronicles2 PSP JP inlay.jpg
ValkyriaChronicles2 PSP JP disc2.jpg
Demo Movie
PlayStation Portable, JP (Sega the Best) 2

PlayStation Portable, AU
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PlayStation Portable, AU (PSP Essentials)
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PlayStation Portable, UK
ValkyriaChronicles2 UK cover.jpg
PlayStation Portable, UK (PSP Essentials)
ValkyriaChroniclesII PSP UK Box Essentials.jpg
PlayStation Portable, FR

PlayStation Portable, FR (PSP Essentials)

PlayStation Portable, DE
ValkyriaChronicles2 DE cover.jpg
PlayStation Portable, DE (PSP Essentials)
ValkyriaChroniclesII PSP DE Box Essentials.jpg
PlayStation Portable, ES

PlayStation Portable, ES (PSP Essentials)

PlayStation Portable, RU

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