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Yabause running the Japanese Saturn BIOS.

Yabause is an open source emulator for the Sega Saturn. It runs on mainly on Windows, Linux, OpenBSD and Mac OS X systems using OpenGL and SDL, although an unofficial FreeBSD port is available and a primitive Dreamcast port exists.


Development of Yabause began primarily for Linux, with the first release on September 12, 2003. Windows and MacOS support came at version 0.0.6 on July 5, 2004.

Notable Release History

0.0.1 (September 12, 2003)

  • First release

0.0.4 (February 10, 2004)

  • SDL incorporated into Yabause

0.0.5 (May 31, 2004)

  • BIOS screen loads

0.0.7 (December 5, 2004)

  • First non-Linux ports
  • First games booting

0.5.0 (September 27, 2005)

  • Major compatibility update

0.6.0 (December 24, 2005)

  • GUI and speed improvements

0.7.0 (August 21, 2006)

  • Rewritten software renderer

0.8.0 (December 23, 2006)

  • Many GUI and compatibility fixes and improvements, including an early networking code

0.8.5 (June 23, 2007)

  • Better BIOS support, early cheat system, official OpenBSD support


Yabause has features such as:

  • Open source and extremely portable, many ports already exist for multiple platforms
  • Ability to load CD images or run directly off a Saturn disk using an ordinary CD-ROM
  • Debugging
  • Multiple region emulation
  • Cheat system


Goals for the future before a stable 1.0 release:

  • Save states
  • Complete emulation of the Sega Saturn, minus any external peripherals (possible for later releases though)


Download.svg Download Yabause
File: Yabause v0.9.9.7z ("Yabause v0.9.9.7z" does not exist) (info)
Current version: 0.9.9

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