Alan Ackerman

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Alan Ackerman
Place of birth: United States
Employment history:
Sega of America[1][2] (1990 – 1997)
Role(s): Senior Artist[1]
Education: Arizona State University (1984-1986; BA Art)[3], Phoenix College (1988-1989; Architectural Illustration, CAD)[4]

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Alan Ackerman is an American artist and 3D modeler[5], and former Sega Technical Institute senior artist.[1]


Alan Ackerman was hired by Mark Cerny in 1990 as an artist for the newly-founded Sega Technical Institute, where he produced artwork for a number of the division's Mega Drive games, such as the background art in Dick Tracy, and working on a number of world and character designs for Kid Chameleon. He also had significant contributions to The Ooze and the unreleased Jester, where he produced playfield sprites and additional backgrounds.[4][6]

He remained with the company through its transition from 2D into 3D, working on both the STV and Saturn versions of Die Hard Arcade, among other titles.[2] Ackerman also worked on the cancelled Saturn game Sonic X-treme, where he produced 3D enemies and animations, as well as designing the texture maps of the game's playable Acts.[4]

Following the 1997 restructuring of STI into Sega of America, Ackerman departed the company for a brief stint at Sony Computer Entertainment America, where he worked on the unreleased 1995 PlayStation game Warhawk 2. He left one year later for Blizzard Entertainment North, where he would serve as senior game artist until 2003.[1]

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