Early Sega slot machines

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The production of early Sega slot machines lasted roughly from 1952 to the mid-1960s and encompassed dozens of models. In 1952, when the United States outlawed slot machines, Martin Bromley saw the emerging Japanese market as an opportunity for gaming. He purchased slot machines from the government, and set up a company to import them to Japan—Service Games. Later in the 1960s, when slot machines were made legal in the US again, Sega began importing slot machines into the market; however, several models used Alfred E Newman's trademark face from MAD Magazine and the company was told that if these models came to the US, that MAD Company would sue over the trademark issue, so these models were sold overseas to areas such as the UK and Australia.

Most Sega slot machines during this period were manufactured in Japan, but used original Mills dies and tools. Mills had three sets of dies; one was hardly used and Sega bought this set when Mills went out of business. The slot machines on this page are organized by what is thought to be chronological order, but there is no known dating of these at this time.

Era I

Sega Bell (type A) Segabelltypea 01.jpg Segabelltypea 02.jpg
Sega Bell (type B) Segabelltypeb 01.jpg Segabelltypeb 02.jpg
Sega Bell (type C) Segabelltypec 01.jpg Segabelltypec 02.jpg
Multiple Bell Segamultiplebell 01.jpg Segamultiplebell 02.jpg
Sega Bell (type D) Segabelltyped 01.jpg Segabelltyped 02.jpg
Multibell 35 Multibell35 01.jpg Multibell35 02.jpg
Console Sega Consolesega 01.jpg Consolesega 02.jpg
Sega Bonus Star Segabonusstar 01.jpg Segabonusstar 02.jpg
Sega Paybak Star Segapaybakstar 01.jpg Segapaybakstar 02.jpg

Era II

Sega Mad Money Star (type A) Madmoneystartypea 01.jpg Madmoneystartypea 02.jpg
Sega Mad Money Star (type B) Madmoneystartypeb 01.jpg Madmoneystartypeb 02.jpg
Sega Mad Money Star (type C) Madmoneystartypec 01.jpg Madmoneystartypec 02.jpg
Sega Diamond 3 Star (type A) Diamond3startypea 01.jpg Diamond3startypea 02.jpg
Sega Diamond 3 Star (type B) Diamond3startypeb 01.jpg Diamond3startypeb 02.jpg
Sega Diamond 3 Star (type C) Diamond3startypec 01.jpg Diamond3startypec 02.jpg
Sega Diamond 4 Star (type A) Diamond4startypea 01.jpg Diamond4startypea 02.jpg
Sega Diamond 4 Star (type B) Diamond4startypeb 01.jpg Diamond4startypeb 02.jpg
Sega Bonanza Star (type A) Bonanzastartypea 01.jpg Bonanzastartypea 02.jpg
Sega Bonanza Star (type B) Bonanzastartypeb 01.jpg Bonanzastartypeb 02.jpg
Sega Bonanza Star (type C) Bonanzastartypec 01.jpg Bonanzastartypec 02.jpg
Double Pay Star Doublepaystar 01.jpg Doublepaystar 02.jpg

Era IV

Sega Starlet Segastarlet 01.jpg Segastarlet 02.jpg Segastarlet 03.jpg
Sega Monaco Starlet Segamonacostarlet 01.jpg Segamonacostarlet 02.jpg Segamonacostarlet 03.jpg
Sega Continental 3 Star Segacontinental3star 01.jpg Segacontinental3star 02.jpg Segacontinental3star 03.jpg

Era V

Black Jack Segablackjack 01.jpg Segablackjack 02.jpg
Sega Ascot Segaascot 01.jpg Segaascot 02.jpg