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The HeartBeat Catalyst was released exclusively in the United States in late 1993, with its fitness sensing capabilities were only utilized in four total games.


The HeartBeat Catalyst was released on November 24, 1993, and was available for purchase for $299.00 in a bundle which included the HeartBeat Personal Trainer.[1] For buyers who already owned a Sega Mega Drive, the Catalyst hardware was available for purchase separately for $199.00 (still including Outback Joey.)[1]

The peripheral, alongside its dedicated software Outback Joey, appeared at Winter CES 1994[2][3] and was used to demonstrate how the specialized fitness sensors could be utilized with a traditional video game.

Additionally, the company claimed that an upcoming special version of Earthworm Jim which utilized the HeartBeat Catalyst was in development, but ultimately was never released.


Sales of the Catalyst were poor, and HeartBeat encountered significant difficulties in marketing and selling the unique device. Less than one year later, the company cancelled production of any remaining hardware and software projects while it tried to locate other sources of funding, and transferred the entirety of its tangible assets to a newly-formed sister corporation.[1] The new affiliated company did not produce or develop any content (appearing only to exist to sell as much remaining HeartBeat products as they could), and was later officially dissolved on September 8, 1997.[1]


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