Makoto Oshitani

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Makoto Oshitani
Employment history:
Role(s): Producer

Makoto Oshitani (押谷 眞) is a game producer formerly employed by Sega whose notable works include Sonic CD, Astal and Iron Storm. In the late '90s, he worked as the head of Sega CS1.[5] He later became affliated with Koei, cavia and AQ Interactive.

Common colleagues include Yoji Ishii, Hiroshi Aso, Koichi Nagata and Shuichi Katagi.

A 1990 issue of SPEC, in which he is called manager, details that he used the aliases オッシー (translated as Ossy, Ossie or Ossiy), Mac Austin and マコリン (Makorin)[6]

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