Mega Drive Young series

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Mega Drive Young series
Manufacturer: Simba
Built-in games: 25
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive
805-975RUB ?

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The Mega Drive Young Series is a group of Russian Sega Mega Drive clones made by Star Games Electronics Co., Ltd (China) and distributed in Russia by Simba. The shell and controllers, based on the Genesis 3, appear to be recycled from the Mega Drive X (aside from the color) due to the region/hertz/overclock switches on the bottom and turbo/slow switches, respectively. There are two versions known to exist: One in purple, the "Mega Drive Young Master", a martaial arts-themed edition; another in green, the "Mega Drive Young Rifleman", themed around shooting/the military. It's possible these (or any other Simba products) are related to a certain flavor of Super Drive, based on the coloration and the idea of "themed' consoles, but this is just speculation.

The console comes with an AV cable, power cord, two controllers, and a manual all in Russian. The consoles come with built-in games varying from 25 to 73. It has a region-switch but unlike the Mega Drive X, it doesn't have a NTSC/PAL switch, and instead is hardwired to output PAL 50Hz.


Physical scans

Mega Drive, RU, "Rifleman" theme
Mega Drive, RU, "Master" theme
Mega Drive, RU, "Pathfinder" theme
MD Pathfinder Box Back.jpgMD Pathfinder Box Front.jpg
Mega Drive, RU, "Sportsman" theme
MD Young Sportsman Box Back.jpgMD Young Sportsman Box Front.jpg
Mega Drive, RU, "Battle Tank" theme
MD Battle Tanks Box Back.jpgMD Battle Tanks Box Front.jpg
Mega Drive, RU, "Spiderman" theme
MD Spiderman Box Back.jpgMD Spiderman Box Front.jpg
Mega Drive, RU, "Turtles" theme
MD Young Turtles Box Back.jpgMD Young Turtles Box Front.jpg


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