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Unreleased games for non-Sega platforms. If there are enough PC games, that should probably be split.

Name Involved Companies Platform Details Game Found and Released?
Alien Front Online Sega N-Gage Supposedly in development and cancelled when the system tanked.
Galaxy Force II ?? SuperGrafx does this even exist? there's as much information supporting it as there is opposing it
Sonic X-treme Sega Technical Institute PC (Windows?) from 32X/Saturn; died when STI dissolved No (though we have many dev assets (and the tools?))
"Sonic Xtreme" (what is the actual name?) Sonic Team (Now Production?) Xbox Found on dev hardware? Shadow or Riders prototype? I forget the thread... No
Space Fantasy Zone NEC Avenue CD-ROM Combination of Space Harrier and Fantasy Zone. Yes
Super Subroc Coleco, 4D Interactive Systems Coleco Adam GDRI - what is their source?
Super Zaxxon Coleco, 4D Interactive Systems Coleco Adam GDRI - what is their source?
Wonder Boy in Monster Land international release Sega/Westone Sega System 2 Was completed, but not released, leaving only the Japanese version. Yes, as part of Sega Vintage Collection: Monster World
Dream Palace 3 Sega UFO Catcher Made it to location test, but was never seen again.

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Designer Software

[edit] Pico
   Barbie's Beach House (unreleased) (Hi Tech Expressions)
   Merriam Webster Children's Animated Action Dictionary (unreleased, concept and design only) (Mindscape)
red   Beethoven's 2nd or Beethoven's Birthday [4] (unreleased) (Hi Tech Expressions)

Sega Electronics


Park Place Productions

[edit] DOS
   David Robinson Basketball (unreleased?) (Sega)