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Nintendo DS
Manufacturer: Nintendo
Variants: Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DSi XL (LL)
Release Date RRP Code
Nintendo DS
Nintendo DS
(Nintendo DS Lite)
¥16,80016,800 ?
Nintendo DS
(Nintendo DSi)
¥18,90018,900 TWL-001
Nintendo DS
$149.99149.99 NTR-001
Nintendo DS
€149149 NTR-001
Nintendo DS
Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS (ニンテンドーDS) (also know as iQue DS in China) is a 32-bit dual screen handheld video game console released by Nintendo in 2004 as a successor to the Game Boy Advance line. It was succeeded by the Nintendo 3DS in early 2011.


The Nintendo DS is amongst Nintendo's most successful handheld consoles, despite facing competition throughout its lifespan by the PlayStation Portable, and in its latter years, a market increasingly drawn to iOS or Android smartphones and tablets. It is an evolution of the Game Boy Advance design, adding an extra two face buttons (X and Y), a resistive touch screen, amongst the expected technical improvements and a microphone. It uses a similar clamshell design to the Game Boy Advance SP (complete with backlit screens), and despite initial scepticism at launch, the system went on to sell over 150 million units worldwide.

Several versions of the DS exist, the most prominent being the Nintendo DS Lite, a cost-reduced unit which launched in 2006 to coincide with an altered marketing strategy (also used by the Wii) to appeal to a wider audience of consumers. An updated DS, the Nintendo DSi launched in 2008, sporting minor upgrades, two cameras, and a new line of DSi-specific software (including physical DSi-only games, DSiWare games and DS games with DSi enhancements). The Nintendo DSi XL (DSi LL in Japan) is similar, but is designed for those with larger hands.

Sega Support

Sega were quick to lend their support to the Nintendo DS from day one, with Feel the Magic: XY/XX being sold as a launch title in the US and PAL regions. Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll and Sonic Rush also sold well on the system during its early years.

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