Press Release: 1996-11-22: Fractured Fairy Tales: The Frog Prince Wins Newsweek's Editors' Choice Award for Children's Software

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REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (November 22, 1996) - SegaSoft, publisher of Trampoline brand software, today announced it has received the Newsweek Editorsí Choice Award for Fractured Fairy Tales: The Frog Prince. The product was chosen by Newsweek as one of the 50 best in childrenís CD-ROM software and is featured on Newsweekís newly launched Parentís Guide to Childrenís Software 97 Web site, located at Fractured Fairy Tales is also featured in Newsweekís Fall/Winter 1996 Computers & the Family magazine, available on newsstands from November 18, 1996 through January 12, 1997.

"It is an honor to win such a prestigious award as the 1997 Newsweek Editors' Choice Awards," said Gary Griffiths, president and chief operating officer of SegaSoft. "It is our goal to distribute quality software titles and become the premier provider of interactive experiences for consumers of all ages, and with Fractured Fairy Tales winning this award, it brings us that much closer to achieving our goal."

"Fractured Fairy Tales is one of the outstanding multimedia CD-ROM software products available for children,î said Michael Rogers, contributing editor of Newsweek and executive producer of the Newsweek Parentís Guide to Childrenís Software 97 Web site. ìBy recognizing childrenís software products that are entertaining, informative and educational, we are providing parents with an objective guide to make sense of the maze of titles on the market today.î

Fractured Fairy Tales: The Frog Prince was developed by Media Station, the highly regarded developer of many top-selling children's titles. Fractured Fairy Tales is an interactive, multimedia CD-ROM based on the classic Rocky and Bullwinkle & Friends cartoon series from Jay Ward Productions, Inc. This hilarious title follows the trials and tribulations of an unfortunate frog that is unwillingly turned into a handsome prince by a mischievous, meddling witch. Children play along as the frog prince searches for the witch that cast the spell upon him because only she can reverse the spell. Each dynamic screen showcases movie-quality animation including cameo appearances by Rocky, Bullwinkle and Dudley Do-Right as well as 8 games of inspired silliness. Kids have a blast as they build reading, listening, matching and counting skills. With multiple levels of play, children of all ages are sure to enjoy this comical new title. And parents will enjoy a good dose of nostalgia when playing the games with their kids.

The 50 winning titles, including Fractured Fairy Tales, are featured on the Newsweek Parentís Guide Web site, a comprehensive, interactive guide to childrenís software. Each title was reviewed by Newsweek editors, parents, children and educators from across the country.

Via the Parentís Guide site, parents can easily access and search through the multimedia reviews of all of the Newsweek Editorsí Choiceô award winners. Reviews of the winners feature audio clips of the kidsí comments about the software and a slide-show highlighting the productís unique features. Through the ìNew Reviewsî section of the site, parents can keep up to date on reviews of the latest releases.

In winning the Editorís Choice award, Fractured Fairy Tales: The Frog Prince was deemed to be among the best childrenís software in six categories: creativity, learning, problem solving, reading, adventure, and reference. The Editorsí Choice award makes Fractured Fairy Tales eligible for the annual ìBest ofî award that will be given in each of the six categories.

In judging the products, the Newsweek editors and other panelists were guided by strict criteria, including how well the product makes use of multimedia, encourages decision-making, gives consistent feedback, provides multiple layers of sophistication, requires interactivity, and allows for self-pace and exploration. Input from children panelists included qualities such as ease of use, appeal of graphics, and level of fun.

To order a copy of Newsweekís Fall/Winter 1996 Computers & the Family magazine, please call 1-800-631-1040.

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