Press Release: 1997-01-08: First Rollout of ViewCall's On-TV Service Available with SEGA Saturn Net Link

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On-TV, the Personal Internet TV Channel For Less Than $3.50/month

Las Vegas, NV (January 8, 1997) - ViewCall America's On-TV, the personal Internet TV channel, will be available through the Sega Saturn Net Link, the companies announced today. Using a simple point-and-click interface, Net Link users will have instant access to On-TV's channels, including sports scores, news and entertainment and variety updates, TV listings, weather forecasts for your hometown, and a host of other channels designed both for gamers and non-gamers. Beginning January 27, 1997, On-TV will be the first premium entertainment channel on the Net Link available free for the first 30 days and $39.95 annually thereafter, with special discounts for initial subscribers.

The On-TV service will be featured within Sega's 3D Net Link city. The Net Link city is “home base” for Sega's Saturn Net Link users, allowing point and click access to “neighborhoods” of choice to explore informative and commercial Web sites of interest. The Sega Saturn Net Link combines an advanced, 32-bit CD-based video game system offering more than 200 interactive entertainment titles, and a modem providing full Internet functionality for e-mail, Web surfing and, eventually, networked gaming.

ViewCall's On-TV is the personal Internet TV channel that keeps viewers in touch through e-mail, information tailored to viewer needs and general web access. On-TV enhances television by giving viewers personalized information on television, an approach that was applauded in a recent Dataquest study covering the Internet TV market.

Alan McKeon, President and CEO of ViewCall America, said, "On-TV gives Net Link users what they want when they want it. We have entertaining content for young people and business-oriented content for adult Net Link users. On-TV is fun for everyone in the family."

On-TV viewers will enjoy access to information from Reuters, SportsTicker®, TVData, Telescan, Menus Online, InfoSpace, Lane & Lenge's and American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc. NTN Communications and Interactive Imaginations will offer On-TV viewers the best in interactive entertainment.

"Sega Saturn Net Link was designed to offer many different products in one. As an added feature beyond Web surfing and gaming, On-TV helps Sega deliver on that value proposition," said Kerry Bradford, general manager of Sega On-line, Sega of America. "The On-TV service makes Sega Saturn Net Link an even more informative and entertaining Internet access device."

Contact Information:

ViewCall America
Andrew Dod
Director of Public Relations
770-729-2929 X. 205
[email protected]	

Sega of America
Dan Stevens
[email protected]

Access Communications
Mark Smotroff
Gerard Sandoval
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