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REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 27, 1995--Sega of America has redesigned its entire World Wide Web site (, incorporating sophisticated animated sequences and new content areas that change as often as daily television.

In addition to groundbreaking graphics and special effects, the site's new infrastructure and search capabilities make it as easy to navigate as "channel surfing" with a remote control. Utilizing the latest in on-line technologies, the site soon will bring Sega videogame characters to life and offer downloadable games.

Sega expects to bring on-line gaming and 3D chat worlds to its Web site in the future.

"Technology in the on-line world changes at least every 12 weeks, and we're taking advantage of the latest tools to constantly raise the bar in on-line content and interactivity," said Kerry Bradford, director of on-line services at Sega of America. "We've pulled the plug on the static web sites of the past, giving users a reason to visit our site on an ongoing basis."

Sega is working closely with industry leaders such as Andersen Consulting, Sun Microsystems and Dimension X to create breakthrough on-line graphics. Using Sun Microsystems' Java Applets, Sega and Dimension X developed an animated "teaser" for a debuting videogame called "Vectorman," found at

The "Vectorman" Java Applet accurately reproduces the opening sequence of the game and is one of the largest and most complex Applets to be seen on the net today.

On Oct. 3, a "Vectorman" site dedicated to the new videogame will be launched and will include several new Java Applets. Other new animated special effects include a jogging Sonic the Hedgehog, an on-line video wall of more than 80 of Sega's third-party developer logos and a blinking eye from a recent Sega Saturn TV commercial.

New Content

New and expanded areas to explore include the Sega Sports page which lets users customize and print professional sports team schedules, take part in a locker room chat or check up on new Sega Sports videogames.

Each week in "Sega Predicts," Sega makes predictions on upcoming football games by playing the teams against each other in a videogame using real players and their statistics. To date, "Sega Predicts" has a better-than 75 percent accuracy rate in selecting winners of this year's selected NFL and NCAA football games -- better than most sportscasters.

Also new is the "Working @ Sega" page, complete with profiles on Sega employees, job listings and a digital resume with a direct link to Sega's human-resources department.

The ever-popular on-line chat sessions take on a new look in "Sega Chat," where users become any of the characters from popular Sega games "Virtua Fighter" or "Eternal Champions" for real-time chats. New bulletin boards connect the on-line community with Sega employees for information about Sega games, tips and tricks, or the video-game business in general.


Content on Sega's new Web site changes as often as daily TV programs. Comic strips from syndicated artists and trivia questions from NTN Communications will rotate each day. "Sega Predicts" and "Working @ Sega" will be updated at least weekly.

"Most web sites go stale after the second time you log in," said Bradford. "To avoid that, we developed a program scheduling white board, similar to those you'd find in TV stations, that changes constantly with plans for new content."


Getting to the desired information can be half the battle in other Web sites. Sega is introducing a feature called "Software Scout," which lets users type in any game title and receive a prioritized listing of references to that game in the site. A global search engine helps users find any information in any location of the site simply by keying in the topic.

The site's modular design also makes manual searches extremely intuitive.

Sega of America is the arm of Tokyo-based Sega Enterprises Ltd., responsible for the development, marketing and distribution of Sega videogames and videogame systems in the Americas. Sega Enterprises Ltd. is a nearly $4 billion company known as a leader in interactive digital entertainment media with operations on five continents.

Sega of America's internet addresses are: (World Wide Web); GO SEGA (CompuServe Forum); [email protected] (e-mail).


Following is a "TV Guide" listing of the programs running under each area on the Sega web site:

Sega Sports Sega Live

-- Sega Sports Games -- Chat Rooms -- Sega Predicts -- Bulletin Boards -- Sports Schedules -- Member Uploads -- Locker Room -- Contests

-- TriviaSega

Sega Products Inside Sega

-- Hardware -- Sega News -- Software -- Working @ Sega -- Sega Channel -- History of Sega -- Other Publishers -- Sega Foundation -- Sega USA -- Sega Music Group

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