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REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 9, 1995--Third- party game publishers are lining up behind Sega Saturn as the next- generation gaming system for the future.

More than 180 games are currently being created for Sega Saturn by third-party publishers, making it the largest in-development software library among next-generation videogame systems. According to third-party software developers, Sega Saturn ranks the highest among 32-bit gaming platforms for its programming potential, game variety and established historical roots in the industry.

Sega also has the largest library of internally produced games of any 32-bit system, with 21 exclusive titles -- including Game Players Magazine's 1995 Game of the Year, ``Virtua Fighter 2'' -- to be available for Sega Saturn by Christmas '95. An estimated 30 third-party titles will be available by December '95, extending the Sega Saturn software library beyond 50 games by year's end.

``Combine our hit first-party titles with all the best third- party games and there's no reason to consider any other 32-bit gaming system,'' Mike Ribero, executive vice president, marketing and sales for Sega of America, said. ``Add to that the fact that most of the competition's games will migrate to Sega Saturn, and you've got the best value among all next-generation platforms.''

Ribero also said that feedback from third-party publishers reveals that Sega Saturn's technological superiority enables it to create more dynamic game experiences.

``Every day our programmers and designers are finding they can get so much more out of the Sega Saturn development system and tools,'' Greg Ballard, president of Capcom Entertainment, said. ``They believe that Sega Saturn provides them with a technological platform permitting advanced gameplay we could only dream about a short time ago.''

Interplay agreed. ``Our titles run the gamut of the gaming world, and the pure processing power and built-in memory features of the Sega Saturn will allow us to bring a wide variety of games to consumers,'' said Brian Fargo, Interplay's chief executive officer. ``From `Descent' and our `VR Sports' line to `Casper,' `Frankenstein' and `Cyberia,' our games will push the system to its limits.''

According to Electronic Entertainment magazine (October 1995), the first generation of Sega Saturn games utilized approximately 25 percent of the system's technological abilities vs. the 75 percent that Sony PlayStation games currently tap.

Third-party publishers and Sega agree that with each new release, more and more of the system's power is leveraged, while still leaving plenty of room for development and growth.

``The ability of the Sega Saturn to deliver outstanding visual and audio experiences is allowing us to bring a fuller, more realistic game experience to the consumer,'' said Tom Zito, president of Digital Pictures.

``Digital Pictures was founded on the idea that the future of game playing was to immerse players in a thoroughly realistic, fully interactive world. The Sega Saturn is the system that is powerful enough to deliver on that promise.''

Similarly, Sega's 40-year history in game development is perceived as a tremendous asset for third parties.

``Sega's arcade heritage gives them a definite edge in bringing the arcade experience into the home,'' said Dan Van Eldren, president of Time Warner Interactive. ``We're planning to bring our arcade heritage to the Sega Saturn as well with games like `Primal Rage' and `Virtua Racing'.''

Third parties also believe that Sega Saturn's programming potential will revolutionize niche gaming genres such as role-playing games (RPGs), strategy and puzzle games with unprecedented graphics, sound and game control.

``Sega, unlike many companies, realized that most gamers want more than a rash of me-too fighters and vehicle simulations,'' said Victor Ireland, vice president of Working Designs, a leading producer of high-end, role-playing games.

``With the Sega Saturn, we're able to deliver sophisticated role-playing games that challenge the gamer with a much greater depth of design. The enhanced audio capabilities let us create more realistic and emotionally engrossing game experiences.''

With strong third-party support, technological superiority and high consumer demand, Sega hopes to edge out the competition by providing both a strong heritage and long future for Sega Saturn.

According to Rob Holmes, president of Acclaim Entertainment: ``We have had great success with our first titles for Sega Saturn and believe the system holds potential for the future. The Sega Saturn is more proof that Sega is committed to stretching the possibility of video gaming.''

Sega of America is the arm of Tokyo-based Sega Enterprises Ltd. responsible for the development, marketing and distribution of Sega videogame systems and videogames in the Americas.

Sega Enterprises is a nearly $4 billion company recognized as the industry leader in interactive digital entertainment media, and is the only company that offers interactive entertainment experiences both inside and outside the home. Sega of America's World Wide Web site is located at -0- Third-party Fact Sheet

ACCLAIM was the first independent publisher to release on Sega Saturn, bringing the phenomenally successful adventure game ``Myst'' to the system. It has also published its massively popular ``Street Fighter: The Movie,'' as well as ``Robotica,'' an advanced first- person perspective, sci-fi battle game. In the next few months, Acclaim plans to fill out its Sega Saturn line-up with an eerie, heavily atmospheric, computer-rendered adventure game, ``Alien Trilogy''; the futuristic space challenge ``Galactic Attack''; an all-new ``NFL QB Club '96,'' featuring motion-capture graphics and enhanced football play; and the chart-topping arcade smashes ``Revolution X'' and ``NBA Tournament Edition.''

CAPCOM is a leading game publisher best known for the ``Super Street Fighter'' series. Its new Saturn titles include the interactive comedy spy thriller ``Fox Hunt'' and the advanced arcade hits ``Street Fighter,'' ``Alpha'' and ``Night Warriors.''

DIGITAL PICTURES pioneered the concept of photorealistic graphics in gameplay. Creators of the notorious ``Night Trap,'' Digital Pictures has a solid line-up of games, including ``Maximum Surge,'' ``Corpse Killer Graveyard Edition'' and ``Quarterback Attack with Mike Ditka.'' Its current titles are available exclusively on Sega Saturn.

INTERPLAY was founded in 1983 and is a company dedicated to manufacturing and distributing a wide range of award-winning entertainment and educational software designed by gamers, for gamers. Interplay, MacPlay (the company's Macintosh division), VR Sports (the company's sports division) and its affiliates release products for leading console game platforms as well as IBM and compatibles, CD-ROM and Macintosh.

TIME WARNER INTERACTIVE, games division (TWI) is a 20-year veteran of the videogaming industry and a wholly owned subsidiary of Time Warner. TWI is considered one of the most established veterans in the industry, developing and publishing titles for both location- based arcades and the home-based videogame market. Its action-packed product line-up includes sizzling Sega Saturn titles like ``VR Virtua Racing,'' ``Primal Rage,'' ``Last Gladiators,'' ``Digital Pinball'' and ``Return Fire.''

WORKING DESIGNS is considered the premier publisher of high-end, role-playing games for console videogame systems. The hottest new titles will be available only on Sega Saturn.

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