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After months of negotiation Pepsi has secured a two year SPONSORSHIP deal with Trocadero plc. fighting off other leading brands in an exciting bidding war. The deal, worth an estimated £3 Million, means that the Trocadero complex at Piccadilly Circus will be renamed the Pepsi Trocadero.

Under the terms of agreement with Pepsi the exterior neon signage on the building will revert to "Pepsi Trocadero" there will be extensive use of Pepsi blue imagery and Pepsi branding within the Trocadero complex, including advertising on new video-wall and the use of laser technology to project Pepsi logos, branding of a dedicated vending area as the "Blue Cafe", the dressing of all security staff in Pepsi Trocadero uniforms and SPONSORSHIP of the IMAM 3D sound and vision experience opening in April of next year.

The Pepsi Trocadero will be integral to Pepsi’s future marketing plans and will provide a unique media platform for launches and promotions. By linking the Pepsi name to the largest indoor entertainment venue in the world on Piccadilly Circus it re-inforces the link between Pepsi and the youth market and establishes a major presence for Pepsi in the very hearth of London.

The signing of today's agreement with Pepsi coincides with re-launch of the Pepsi Trocadero following a £50 million, eighteen month refurbishment program that has seen the 450,000 sq. ft complex transformed into one of London's premier tourist attractions which was already visited by an estimated 20 million people last year.

Nick Leslau, Chief Executive of Trocadero plc, states:

"Today's agreement with Pepsi-Cola combines the Trocadero with on of the world's most innovative and best know youth brands. The Pepsi Trocadero will symbolise the future of high-tech entertainment in Europe."

Simon Calver, Managing Director of Pepsi UK said:

"This partnership reflects Pepsi-Cola's commitment to youth culture by association with the largest indoor entertainment venue in the world. it simultaneously establishes a major Pepsi presence in one of Europe's most famous landmarks, Piccadilly Circus."

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