Press release: 1996-09-11: New 3D "Flight Action" Title Strong Early Indicator For Sega Saturn Fall Sales

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New 3D "Flight Action" Title Strong Early Indicator For Sega Saturn Fall Sales 

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., September 11, 1996 -- Sega of America, Inc., announced today that its new flight action title, "NiGHTS", has broken all introductory sales records for a Sega Saturn title. Since its introduction on August 23, "NiGHTS" has produced higher volume sales in its first three weeks of availability than any Sega Saturn game, including previous record-holder "Virtua Fighter 2", which has sold more than 2 million units worldwide.

"NiGHTS" is the first true demonstration of the Sega Saturn's capabilities and sales of the game proves that it's the "must have" title for Saturn owners as well as reason to buy the Sega Saturn for everyone who has waited until now to buy a next-generation system," Ted Hoff, executive vice president, Sega of America, said. "We're thrilled by the sheer volume of sales we're experiencing now, particularly during this typically slow selling season."

Three of the nation's top videogame retailers, Electronics Boutique, Babbages, and Software Etc., have reported complete sell-outs of "NiGHTS" and are raw stocking the shelves with their re-orders. Proving that "NiGHTS" has set a new standard in software quality, Sega has received re-orders on "NiGHTS" from 100 percent of its retailers nationwide.

"We're very happy with the increased traffic "NiGHTS" has brought to our stores," said Pete Roithmayr, director/senior buyer of videogames, Electronics Boutique. "NiGHTS" bundled with the 3D controller now holds the record the first day sales for a Saturn title.

In July, "NiGHTS" launched in Japan where it broke Saturn sales records for the country. The game is currently topping the videogame charts. "Typically a game's success in Japan is an indicator of how well it'll do in the U.S.," Hoff said. "NiGHTS" sold out in three days in Japan when it was released and it came close to that in the U.S.; needless to say, this is a great way to kick off our strong fall lineup."

Sega Saturn's fall lineup includes the eagerly anticipated "Sonic 3D Blast," Sonic's first 3D appearance on the Sega Saturn; "Sega Saturn Net Link," a peripheral for the Sega Saturn that allows access to the Internet for e-mail, on-line chats, and browsing; and "World Series Baseball II," Sega Sports '96 version of the award- winning game. Also hitting the shelves this fall are "Fighting Vipers" and "Virtual On," which have been best-selling arcade games in the U.S., as well as "Bug Too!,"the sequel to last year's platform favorite, "Bug!". Gamers can also look forward to the original "Mr. Bones," a musically interactive title with unprecedented animation, just in time for Halloween.

"NiGHTS" is supported by the largest marketing campaign yet for a Sega Saturn game. The cornerstone of the "NiGHTS" marketing effort is a multi-million dollar national TV advertising campaign that resurrects the hallmark "Sega Scream." Sega has also teamed up with several partners for national promotions for the launch of "NiGHTS" including Six Flags Theme Parks, Fox Kids Network, Cherry Coke, Toys R Us, and Tang Instant Breakfast Drink. The launch was also supported by an additional 4,000 in-store Sega Saturn demo units featuring the game.

The promotions, geared towards an audience of 12-34 year-olds, seem to be working on the teenage public. When asked what they thought of "NiGHTS," gamers comments echoed the soaring sales. "This game rocks," said avid teen gamer Elijah Bonner, sampling the game at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA, over the Labor Day weekend. "I love the flying and graphics and the 3D control pad is easy to use."

With the launch of "NiGHTS," Sega debuted a new 3D control pad which features both analog and digital control pads as well as strategically placed "Triggers" to help with special acrobatic moves in "NiGHTS." The control pad can be played with all previous Saturn games and comes bundled with the game for $69.99. The 3D control pad can be purchased separately for $39.99 and NiGHTS is also sold separately for $49.99.

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