Press release: 1996-10-09: Sega Saturn causes an outbreak of blood, sweat & tears with its highly contagious arcade line-up

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REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 9, 1996--

Brave the fever of the holiday hits: Virtua Fighter Kids, Fighting Vipers, Virtual On, Virtua Cop 2, Manx TT

Sega of America Wednesday accepted responsibility for initiating a highly contagious arcade epidemic with its "Blood, Sweat & Tears" arcade line-up exclusively for the Sega Saturn.

"Virtua Fighter Kids," "Fighting Vipers," "Virtual On," "Virtua Cop 2" and "Manx TT" bring Sega Saturn's arcade library to 11 titles, making it the largest and most popular arcade line-up in the industry.

"Virtua Fighter Kids" recently shipped and was the best-selling title the first week it was available. Next to ship, on Oct. 11, is "Fighting Vipers," a revolutionary breakthrough in the genre of fighting games. This title ranks as one of the best in uncompromising arcade action gaming with incredible graphics, unique and explosive caged-fighting scenes and powerful "no nonsense" fighters.

Other titles in Sega's new arcade line-up, "Virtual On," "Virtua Cop 2" and "Manx TT" will ship during the holiday season.

"Sega's 40 year arcade heritage continues to deliver the next level of true-to-arcade quality and content games on the Sega Saturn," said Ted Hoff, executive vice president, sales and marketing. "With proven arcade hits migrating exclusively to the Sega Saturn, Sega's ownership of the arcade-to-home market is something the competition just cannot touch."

Currently, "Virtua Cop 2" and "Fighting Vipers" are among the top five games in arcades. "Virtual On" rates at the top of earnings reports for arcade locations nationwide. Other current Sega Saturn hits, including "Virtua Fighter 2" and "Virtua Cop," rank among the top 10 titles in arcades today. "Manx TT" was rated No. 1 by Replay Magazine in the "Best Deluxe Videogame Category" (August 1996).

Sega's "Blood, Sweat & Tears" guaranteed line-up includes special enhancements in Sega Saturn's versions of:

"Virtua Fighter Kids," the mega-hit arcade game in Japan, which brings home 20 percent faster action than "Virtua Fighter 2," adding more emotion and intense speed to the gameplay. Ten small-bodied, big-headed professional fighters dare gamers to walk away without breaking a sweat.

"Fighting Vipers," the street-smart, psychotic gang accustomed to the sight of bloody street battles challenges gamers to get accustomed or get wiped out. With 700 brutal moves that include knocking their opponents through cage walls and off skyscrapers and breaking off their armor, "Fighting Vipers" blows away gamers with its incredible graphic depth and detail.

"Virtual On," the next generation mechanized warfare in which you run, jump, fly and hide while in hand-to-hand combat or laser gun warfare, will leave gamers teary-eyed and begging for mercy. Characters rich in detail attack each other with precise arcade movements in free-motion 360 gameplay.

"Virtua Cop 2" expects gamers to take on the role of cops and enforce the law on the badder-than-ever guys...or never return home. Your skills and experience are put to the test in the heat of the action with first person motion perspectives in moving environments, such as car chases and subway shoot-outs.

"Manx TT," the world-famous hardcore racers challenge, puts gamers in the "hot seat" as it delivers action at 30 frames per second with multiple perspectives and stimulating graphics, reaching motorcycle speeds of up to 125 mph. Champions attest to the fact that if you don't sweat it you're either the best racer around or you're just watching.

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