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REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 29, 1996--Symptoms of accelerated heart rates, profuse sweating and strained eye sockets were reported nationwide as Sega(R) of America boldly announced Tuesday the release of "Fighting Vipers(TM)" as a part of its "Blood, Sweat & Tears" arcade-to-home line-up, exclusively on the Sega Saturn(TM).

Currently ranked among the top five games in arcades, "Fighting Vipers" is hard-hitting proof that Sega Saturn continues its reign as the undefeated champion of in-home arcade gaming. "Fighting Vipers" leads the pack of four new arcade games shipping for Sega Saturn this holiday season, bringing Sega's arcade-to-home library to 11 titles.

"`Fighting Vipers' is a serious charge for the arcade action gamer with its combination of psychotic characters battling it out in caged environments," Anne Moellering, marketing manager, Sega of America, said. "This true-to-arcade version incorporates additional features on the Sega Saturn, such as the `Training Mode,' which actually teaches the player different combat moves offering gamers hard-edged, radical, new fighting tactics in yet another exciting and addicting experience of home arcade gaming."

Face the Vipers for a Fight to the Finish

"Fighting Vipers" brings an arsenal of caged arenas and talented young fighters with specialized combat tactics which include Wall Squashes, Somersault Kicks, Death Drops, Standing Toe Kicks, Elbow Smashes and Double Clinch Punches, to name just a few! Some battle arenas actually move during battles and combat losers can be sent smashing through windows and flying off skyscrapers. Sega Saturn's processing power allows for impressive game depth including animated backgrounds that run independently of the foreground action and real-time shadows that add uncanny realism to the environment.

An action-packed storyline puts gamers in an enclosed ring to contend in a huge tournament call NUT CRACK. The object of NUT CRACK is to smash through your enemy's armor -- weakening your opponent with every blow until the final assault which causes the armor to explode! Utilize nearly 700 character moves with special high-impact attacks guaranteed to blast your opponent's armor away and send them crashing through cages. A special "triple take" camera shot replays finishing moves three times -- at different angles.

Check out the key features unique to the console version of this game, such as, wacky "weapons" that include Picky's skateboard and Raxel's guitar, special signature moves for each character like Candy's "Bootie Bop" middle kick, Sanman's "Ten Pik" close-range throw and Picky's "Flying Dolphin" pounce-on-opponent move. Also unique to the Sega Saturn version is the Training Mode, the HYPER Mode (talk about fast!) and a hidden 10th character ... not yet to be disclosed!

Not just anybody with an agenda or an attitude and some fighter skills makes the `Viper' cut. This team of dedicated hyper-adrenal combatants, in full-body armor, battle it out night and day in back-alley rings with no regard to the potentially fatal consequences -- only such young urban warriors have earned the right to be called VIPERS. Choose from nine Vipers, each with a unique arsenal of fighting techniques in nine killer arenas:

- Jane, the "Power Punch" Soldier, who in high school aspired to join the Navy, became a Viper after she was rejected by the government because she had a police record. With muscles of steel she mainly attacks with a punch using the power of her arms. Her "tornado punch" (upper section) is deadly!

- Raxel, the "Steel Kick" Battle Rocker, is a talented singer and guitarist in the rock band "DEATH CRUNCH." This self-obsessed warrior is fighting to make a name for himself in the world. The combination of his "death spin kick" (upper section) and the "sliding kick" (lower section) is a move to be feared by the strongest of opponents.

- Picky, the "Skateboard Slam" Punk, the youngest Viper, uses his expert skateboard attack to flatten challengers and attack the upper body. This especially powerful move in addition to his "airdrop" throw makes this harmless looking teenager unpredictably dangerous.

- Grace, the "Footwork Combos" Skate Queen, releases her internalized anger from a bad personal experience in the past as she joins the Vipers and takes on opponents with merciless fury. Watch out for her combination of various kinds of footwork including the "camel spin cutter" (mid-level kick) and her "Frankensteiner" throw after a jump.

- Sanman, the "Body Slam" Mad Biker, is secretive about his past or his plans for the future and at present communicates only through fighting. He also has an unexplained obsession with the number "3". Sanman displays a lot of strange techniques, such as, body hurling and the "one-two hip attack" -- which is especially powerful.

- Bahn, the "One Blow" Fighting Boss, joins the Vipers as an ex-gang member in search of the father who abandoned him and his mother ... and he is not necessarily seeking a happy reunion. Beware of his powerful standing punches including "Super Straight" and "Hiji Teppou."

- Candy, the "Cat Punch" Costume Play Girl, displays a `Dr. Jekyl-Mr. Hyde' characteristic when suited up and not-suited up in her handmade rubber dress. Her combination of kicks are especially harmful and especially effective when directed at the lower section. Use her "wild airdrop" to scare the meanest of opponents.

- Tokio, the "Spin Kick Combo" Justice Viper, is an ex-"Black Thunder" gang leader who is rebelling against the strict upbringing of his uncompromising father. Watch out for his powerful spin kicks which are his strength when applied to the upper, middle, or lower sections of the body.

- Mahler, the Man of Mystery, clad in poisonous-snake skin armor, remains a mystery to be discovered ...

Enhancing the arcade experience is Sega Saturn's exclusive "Virtua Stick(TM)" peripheral, which sells for a suggested retail price of $64.99. Rated T, "Fighting Vipers" hits retail shelves on Oct. 29 for a suggested retail price of $49.99. For more information on "Fighting Vipers," check the Sega web site at

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